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Car trailers security – things you should know

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: Jun 11, 2015

Many people, owning a car trailer, confronted themselves with a difficult situation when it comes to their security. Thieves believe that they will find valuable things inside such vehicle or that even a car is kept there. Lately seems that they have found an easier method of stealing them with the whole rig. The theft occurs on the highway or roads. In order to avoid that, owners should consider several common sense steps and systems they can install, which can help to prevent stealing them.

First of all, the parking place is very important as most thefts occurs at night. Parking in a well-lit area would be a first step along with having it visible from the room you are staying overnight, in case you have a long road to go. Letting them in a high-traffic area is also a good idea, as thieves love privacy. It is advisable not to leave things which might attract thieves in plan view, such your GPS. Trailer for sale would be an easy target as their owners leave them in a car park over night for weeks or even months. It depends on how fast the sale will happen. In this situations people intending to let others without their goods will no longer dare to go until the end and finish the job. This way the rate of this kind of thefts will be diminished.

Secondly, the use of the right locks for trailer doors can often be overlooked. Many owners have probably used a keyed lock. Those locks have an exposed hasp which thieves could cut by using either bolt cutters or simply hammered apart. From their stories, they don’t really bother to pick a lock as it may take a while. Instead they will cut it apart which is much quicker. Solutions are affordable as there are different types of locks, specifically designed for the trailer rear door and are available on the market. This design has several particular features which would help maintaining the security of your car trailer. Its housing is made of die-cast zinc, and the other components are made of either brass or stainless steel for corrosion protection. It uses a hardened steel pin, which is fully enclosed within the housing, and a recessed push-button lock tumbler.

Thirdly, making your rig easy to notice would be a last step to consider when it comes to car trailers for sale in Perth security. Whenever thieves decide whether it’s worth stealing a vehicle or not, one of their first considerations would be its appearance. One theory is that trailers, which are easy to identify would be the first they lose interest in. To be easier to spot on the road, one suggestion is adding graphics to the trailer in this purpose. Once you add graphics on the outside of the trailer with an advertising title, thieves will stay away from it. Many people who have tried this method never had a problem since then. All in all, car trailers security is a matter of great importance as you don’t want to remain without them shortly after you bought it.

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