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6 Luxurious iPhone Cases Fitting for Your iPhone 6

Author: Star Plus
by Star Plus
Posted: Jun 16, 2015

Do you think it would be wise to buy a new iPhone 6 and protect it with a cell phone case that you can buy for just $5? That would be like buying a Lamborghini and fitting it with cheap tires that are weak and do not last long.

If you are willing to shell out a big amount of money to buy the latest iPhone 6, you should also correspondingly protect it with something equal to its style and reputation. Here are some suggestions on cellphone cases that will perfectly fit your iPhone 6.

1. Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan

This luxury iPhone case is undoubtedly the most expensive with its price running to around $880,000. So, if you are someone who is really on top of your world, and who doesn’t care about how much you spend for anything, this is for you.

Why is it so expensive? This iPhone case is made of 18-carat white gold with real diamonds weighing 22 carats embedded on the case’s body.

2. Titanium Case from Brikk

If you are looking for an iPhone case that is priced in the middle, this Titanium Case should catch your interest. It is made from solid titanium with different color choices such as black carbon, platinum, gold, or gray stealth.

There are no attachments to the case except the Brikk brand name. This case will cost you $4,430.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Case

Now, if you are more practically minded, but you have money to spare, you need to consider this Dolce & Gabbana iPhone case. This is a wallet-style case, with a gold chain strap.

It will cost you only $595 to get one. There is a soft fabric lining inside the case, separate compartments for the iPhone, a 47 inch chain cross-body strap, and several sleeves where you can put your money and credit cards. You can opt for a black leather case embossed with your choice of bronze or silver colored alligator skin.

4. Gucci Crocodile Case

Gucci is a reputable name that means luxury, but this case is not that expensive. So if you are the middle-roader, get this one. It only costs $495, but has all the luxurious trimmings that will satisfy your style.

5. Swarovski Crystal-Covered Case

If you have the money, but you wouldn’t like to splurge too much on an otterbox iPhone case, you still can have a luxurious case with this Swarovski case. This case is the least expensive of luxury iPhone cases for it will only cost you $239 to have one.

It is shrouded with crystals, with neatly attached trimmings such as bows, gold roses and even a cute tiny teddy bear.

6. Lux Box Case

LuxBox Case is the Wonderful Things Factory’s answer to a seriously aesthetically challenged iPhone Case market. Anyone who has been in and around town (any town) and every paid attention to the black box hunk of plastic cases that most people are mindlessly placing on their sleek designed iPhones knows that the iPhone case market is suffering from a lack of design style. In most cases if you want to get a little bit of style, you will at least be throwing away a LOT of your protection in exchange for a tiny bit of style upgrade.

Neither of the above problems will be yours any longer with the LuxBox Case by theWTFactory (Wonderful Things Factory). The LuxBox Case has adequate protection for your precious iPhone to protect if from most any reasonable drop (not dropping down the Grand Canyon of anything crazy like that) but dropping it onto concrete as you get out of your car (that kind of thing). As far as style goes, the LuxBox Case is much more than a minor upgrade! Having a LuxBox Case is a not only a visual upgrade to the design qualities of your sleek iPhone but also a tactile one as well. I love the way my phone feels with the texture of walnut veneer or 100% real wool on my hand!

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