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Find out why video file compression is important

Author: Fredrick Durrenmatt
by Fredrick Durrenmatt
Posted: Jun 16, 2015

For many years, mathematical algorithms to reduce file sizes have been a popular research area among computer scientists. In more recent times, with all the technological development and popularity of the internet, there has been an increasing need for file compression to efficiently send and receive data online, which is why most more and more people are aware of the importance of a good video converter online. Nowadays, billions have access to a PC and internet connection, so transferring files has become a common activity for users all over the world. However, nobody likes to wait hours to download or upload large files, not to mention that sometimes, you may even have to pay if you want to send an email with a large attachment. Most of the times, videos are large attachments which are complicated to send or receive, not to mention that modifying their size can alter the quality of the sound or image. If you want to shrink the size of an mp4 but avoid any loss in visible quality, there is a type of web app that can help you achieve just that – a free online video converter and compressor that keeps your original video intact but creates a copy of it that is much smaller in size and can thus be shared more easily.

When it comes to the process itself, there are two main types of compression for movies and videos: lossless and lossy. On the one hand, the first one changes the video codec that your video is encoded in, without changing the efficiency of the codec or the quality of the video. Through this method, the initial file is reconstructed as accurately as possible. On the other hand, lossy conversion uses a series of algorithms that find in the file the parts which are not mandatory and can be deleted during storage and "recreated" through the use of modern video codecs when played back. Sometimes if not done properly, lossy compression can lead to considerable reduction of sound and/or image quality. For this reason, it is recommended that you use only a reputable video converter online, which is more likely to employ modern video codecs that don’t impact sound or video quality even though they reduce the file size of your video. Once you have modified the dimension of your files, you will notice various improvements, in terms of storage, uploading speed, archiving or backup.

Compressed files are beneficial for your computer, because they occupy less space on the hard disk and thus the PC can function smoothly. Sometimes, the main reason for which users are not satisfied with the reaction speed of their computer is the lack of storage space. Conversion and compression will reduce the space needed for all the contents you keep in your computer or your cloud storage. In addition to this, another process that slows down your PC is data transmission. When it takes too much, it is not only a waste of time for the user, but it is also an additional operation the computer has do to, which is why this may lead to errors. If you do not benefit from incredibly speedy internet, uploading or downloading large files like videos will be a real challenge. Before attaching it to an email, make sure you have previously used a free online video converter, because this will reduce considerably the time required for its transfer.

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