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Advantages Of Why Cork Flooring Is The Best In The Market

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Jun 17, 2015

Cork flooring is harvested from the trees that are generated from the cork oak that are highly grown in the Mediterranean ancient forest, they are the most known trees with outstanding properties of recycling after any harvest, without cutting down or damaging the trees, they are well known in carbon absorption that provide home for wild animals, nature and the best for humanbeing.

The advantages of why cork flooring is the best in the market:

One of the benefits of cork flooring it is the solution that is most worthy substance that is most durable to spend your money on because, it can withstand harsh environment such as force and pressure, for example, cork stopper used in the wine bottles is recommended because, it can remain compressed for so many years in the bottles as bottle top and return to its normal shape and size after opening. Also, when you use it on the floor at your home, it can do well even after the children play around, furniture and mites or pests and its cellular structure makes it prone from mildew, moisture and mold that are well known in damaging any kind of the floor.

Cork flooring is very soft and comfortable material and the best known in the market,because, of its cellular structure that resembles honeycomb, it is made up of the above90% of the gas that gives its the form that makes it compress and return to its original or normal shape and size without getting damage.

Cork flooring is the best and great material known in the market internationally for its insulation flooring material, it is used in the wall panels to lower or reduce noise thatis caused by flooring, so, its cellular structure makes it best in vibration and soundsor noise resistance because, it is made up of honeycomb like structures that containsgas which absorbs and reflects vibrations and sounds. Also, during hot days or seasons its natural features of heat insulation, helps in minimizing heat in order, to give warm surface to walk barefooted.

knowing How to soundproof a room will give you the best in safety and health material known in the market, it has natural features that makes it conducive or prone to allergy and pest because, of its substance suberin that is contained in the cellular structures, therefore, suberin is the substance known to prevent pests attack, mildew, mold, resist cork from rotting and many other.

However, it is known in fire resistant because, it does not produce any harmful gas orsubstance when put on fire.


finally, but not the least, cork flooring is the most attracting material that can be used to decorate the house because of its natural features that makes the best for designing in different pattern to much your taste, so, no need off the paint and many other decorating materials.

There are so many benefits of cork flooring to enjoy. If you get the best experts who know how to How to soundproof a room,you have nothing to worry about. Even if you pour such a thing on a cork, you may not need to be worried about staining or some other damage, you merely wash it down, and the wreck is gone.

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