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3 Reasons to Consider Rail Intermodal Transport

Author: Amitava Sarkar
by Amitava Sarkar
Posted: Jun 19, 2015

As one of the oldest and most effective cross-country and cross-border methods of transportation, rail continues to be one of the best options for businesses transporting goods and supplies. Too many businesses zero in on a fleet of trucks or only consider air transport for fast or cross-border transactions, but the fact is, rail intermodal transport could prove the most efficient method of transit for your business. A transportation services company has the expertise you need to reevaluate or design a new transit plan, so do your business a favor and look into everything they have to offer.

It’s possible that rail should comprise the majority of your transportation, and it’s also possible it could be used in combination with truck freight and air transit. It’s often far less expensive and more manageable to outsource transportation, so you needn’t worry about having to find a railroad company to take your load; a transportation services company already has those connections in place. The smaller your business, the fewer resources you have to devote to transportation logistics. Even if your business is fairly large, maintaining transit on your own could be costly and time-consuming. Outsource transportation logistics and consider switching over to rail.

Save Money

When a business finds a way to save money, those savings add up over time to provide more revenue to invest back into the business and its employees. Because rail transportation will likely involve securing a spot on a train outfitted with other products, you’ll split the costs with other businesses. Even if your business is large enough to fill enough cars for an entire train, it’s likely to prove cheaper than it would to ship the same amount by truck or air. When you factor the cost of gas, truck maintenance and an experienced driver and securing a route all to yourself, truck transportation, although common, may not be the most cost-effective method of transportation for your company.

Save Time

Trains run around-the-clock, undeterred by traffic jams and road construction. Your transportation services expert will be able to talk to you about the most efficient way of getting your items moved. Large quantities that need to be places fast – but not so fast you need to pay a lot extra to get them on a plane – may get there the quickest on a train car. Even if you don’t have a full car’s worth of items, you can secure a partial car for a fraction of the cost and reap the benefits of the fast transportation. If something comes up and you need items moved faster than you anticipated, contact the experts, who can handle expedited shipments.

Cross Borders Easily

If you have to get items moved across the Canadian or Mexican border, you know your logistics become more complicated. If you outsource to a transportation services company, they handle all of the paperwork and tax information necessary to get your items across the border with as little delay as possible. By arranging the transportation in advance, intermodal rail shipments move right through the border without an issue. Save yourself the stress of dealing with customs and border security by using rail intermodal.

Rail intermodal might not be right for your business, but if you don’t go over the possibility with an expert in transit services, you’ll never know. Whatever you decide together, you’re sure to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective way of getting your items from Point A to Point B.

About the Author: Adrian Calloway is a logistics manager for a large corporation. He recommends Landstar System, Inc. to business both large and small for transportation services.

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Author: Amitava Sarkar

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