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Youthful appearance with Botox san Francisco

Author: Paul Malot
by Paul Malot
Posted: Jun 20, 2015

Because of years and years of squinting in front of screens or books, laughing, frowning, smoking or simply worrying, the skin around your eyes, forehead and lips often develops deep expression lines and tiny wrinkles that most of the time make you appear older, tired and constantly scowling. For years physicians have been in the search for a wonder drug that will make all these symptoms disappear or simply reduce the negative effect aging has on the body. By introducing the use of Botox san Francisco as a treatment to correct the signs of aging, a revolution took place in the field of plastic surgery. Epicenter MedSpa is proud to be the one of the busiest practices for these types of treatment, as well as some other non-surgical lifting procedures, such as Ultherapy san Francisco, that will have visible effects on your skin.

Botox san Francisco works pretty simple: it blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, thus it makes the wrinkle smooth out and relax. Most often then not Botox san Francisco is used on lines on the forehead, crow's feet – the lines around the eye, and all the other frown lines. The procedure for getting Botox san Francisco takes only a few minutes and anesthesia is not required. It is injected with a fine needle into the target muscles with only minor discomfort. It sometimes takes three to seven days to reach full effect and in this period it is best to avoid alcohol at least one week before the treatment is administered. This type of procedure is the top choice for women and men when it comes to trying to stop the signs of aging or a lifestyle that is not always healthy for the skin.

With little to no side effects and significant results this type of procedure is becoming a must in our society nowadays. Easily, these types of minimum invasive procedures are a sure way to see changes with little effort. The same thing can be said about the revolutionary Ultherapy san Francisco. This type of treatment uses ultrasound sound waves that will penetrate deep into the connective tissue, the area most plastic surgeries target, but without the incisionsthat make recovery a lengthy and sometimes dangerous process. Ultherapy san Francisco is heating the targeted tissue gently in order to lift and tighten loose skin, in this period creating more collagen. The effects from Botox and Ultherapy san Francisco are without doubt the most effective treatments that will allow fir visible change in a matter of days. In the case of botox, muscle action is gradually returning, the lines and wrinkles begin to re-appear and a new dose is needed. However these lines and wrinkles often appear in a lesser degree because the muscles targeted are now trained to relax. Cosmetic surgery is now available for everyone at minimum costs and significantly less risks by enlisting the help of specialist.

Resource Box: Be part of the crowd that will not let old age and a stressful lifestyle put a permanent mark on their bodies. Fight this by using safe and minimally invasive procedures and treatments such as ( ) Botox san Francisco and ( ) Ultherapy san Francisco to stop time and keep a smiling face wrinkle free.

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