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A Few Things To Know Before Purchasing Electric Fuel Pumps

Author: Eparts Solution
by Eparts Solution
Posted: Jun 20, 2015

In the fuel delivery system of a vehicle electric fuel pump plays a small yet critical role. The primary function of the particular component is to create enough pressure for pushing the gasoline into the engine from the fuel tank. To ensure that the engine receives efficient fuel supply proper functioning of the fuel pump is highly important. That is exactly the reason that as a vehicle owner you are required to be extra careful while choosing a good fuel pump that suits the precise requirements of the fuel delivery system of your vehicle for optimal engine performance.

A number of websites now sell cheap fuel pumps online but before you purchase them there are a number of different aspects those you are required to be careful about.

The first thing that you need to consider before purchasing a fuel pump or ignition coils is the make and the model of the car engine. You should prepare yourself with detailed information like size of the engine, year of manufacturing etc. as these are the basic details that you will require for buying these products. Horse power of the engine is another crucial determinant for finding the proper fuel pump that will raise engine efficiency of your vehicle to an optimum level.

Type of the electric fuel pump is another factor you need to consider with care. Two different types of fuel pumps are now available in the market – HVLP, which is High Volume Low Pressure and HVHP or High Volume High Pressure pumps. HVLP pumps are designed for delivering decent fuel volume and flow even under low pressure conditions while HVHP pumps are known to operate under very high pressure yet offering the same volume as that by a HVLP pump. You need to be careful about not installing a low pressure pump to a high pressure engine or vice versa as both will lead the engine to perform at a sub-optimum level. Synchronizing engine pressure and power is a must for optimal engine performance and this can be easily achieved by the right choice of the fuel pump.

If there is a surge tank or an auxiliary fuel tank that you want to push the fuel into before it reaches the engine, a HVLP pump is a better choice, for this is a situation that you will like the pump and the ignition coil to work under low pressure. But when it comes to high power engines those require high volume of fuel under high pressure, HVHP pumps are the obvious choice. As a matter of fact flow volume of the fuel pump and pressure of the delivery system are inversely proportional and that is the reason for knowing the maximum pressure level of your car’s fuel delivery system, so that they match each other. The pump you will be buying must also have sufficient voltage capacity for creating and delivering the required pressure and the higher the voltage of a pump, the higher is the volume and pressure of the fuel entering the engine. For checking out various models of cheap fuel pumps and also for knowing more about them – you can visit

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