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Make Us A Deal Can't Refuse - Buy Damaged Cars

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jun 20, 2015
damaged car

Can you use instant cash? Do you own a car that no longer runs, is too costly to repair, or is just plain ugly from all the dents and dings? Let's make a deal! If you call our nationwide number to sell your damaged car, truck, or van, we will pay cash, tow it away, and do all the necessary paper work. We will help you to part ways with your old clunker and you can smile all the way to the bank.

If you want to sell your used car regardless of whether is works or not, you can choose to sell it yourself. A damaged car is one that may or may not work, has obvious signs of physical or structural damage, and possibly compounded issues.

You may want to do your own market research if you're not sure or if you think you can go it alone. The true value of your car may be more challenging than you realize so you would be wise to spend some time on eBay, Kelly Blue Book or, Backpage, Craiglist, auction sites, and AutoTrader. Look for a comparable vehicle that closely matches yours and those especially which we recently sold on the market. Be realistic when deciding upon the market value of your vehicle including whether or not it's clean or needs a paint job. You must be ready to accept the lowest bid because you will be competing with others who are selling as well as trying to catch the potential buyer's attention among the many vehicles available.

There are many things to remember and to prepare for if you plan to advertise your car or truck. You should clean the inside really well despite the age or condition of your vehicle and make the best attempt to upstage the vehicle's condition by presenting the perspective buyer with a car that appears to have been kept well by its' owner. Remember that you must appeal to the senses and this would include using an air freshener and armor all for cleaning too.

If your vehicle has minimal external damage body damage you should wash and wax it. Pay attention to details and include a thorough cleaning to the tires and rims too. Once the vehicle has had a thorough cleaning both inside and out, you should take as many pictures internally and externally as possible. Some industry experts believe that a minimum of 40 pictures should be taken and used when selling your vehicle because this is the magic number to quickly make the sale. You don't want fewer pictures or poorly taken ones either because you get only one chance to make that lasting impression. Be sure that the photos are accurate and not digitally enhanced or modified, be truthful. The car or truck may not be in the best condition but you must ensure that you are truthful and present and accurate image because if not the buyer will eventually learn the truth. Maintain an ethical mindset in the preparation, execution, and closing of the sale and you will most definitely avoid any litigation and complications during the whole process.

Once you collected your photos and you begin to write your ad, you will want to ensure that you make optimal use of keywords. For example, almost all cars today have air conditioning, automatic transmission, and safety systems for its' occupants so there is no need to mention the obvious. Instead, highlight the features such as an upgrade audio system, navigation and computing system, alarm system, and such because the features should be made as keywords that many people will be discover during their research. You may want to list your vehicle on multiple social media sites since it is free and you may have to pay a fee to run an ad for a week or longer. In either case, you will need to provide limited contact information and most likely your email or your phone number which means you might be contacted by people who are not necessarily serious about buying your car or who may bombard you with many questions.

After some time, you may be meeting with potential buyers and will need to have all of your documentation organized and made available. Meeting complete strangers should be conducted in public locations such as the parking lot of a mall or town square where there are many people. Before the meeting, be certain to have you title of your vehicle or lien if you do not own it and any forms which your state or local government requires to have for the transfer.

At this point, you'll have to consider entertaining a test drive with the perspective buyer so you should verify the person's driver’s license and ride along. Also, be certain that your auto insurance will permit another driver. Once the driver has decided to purchase your vehicle, you will have to determine what you will accept. Be aware that some unscrupulous folks have tried to fraudulently pass checks or use shady escrow companies in the hopes of not paying you. Most people will agree that a cashier's check or bank check would be preferred.

Additionally, your vehicle should be compliant with annual inspections or emission certifications depending upon your state laws. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that you should have all required documentation and have it ready in case the potential buyer wants to verify the ownership.

If all the effort which goes into preparing to sell your car, executing your plan to sell, and carrying through with all the paper work and transfer responsibilities may seem overwhelming and for others they may take it in stride.

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