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Top 4 Myths about Strength Training Exercises in India

Author: Neha Chaudhari
by Neha Chaudhari
Posted: Jun 22, 2015
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There is not a single person around the globe who hates being fit and healthy, although it is a dream for majority of individuals who got affected and lost their focus from their fitness goals, all because of their daily un-organized routine, low self-esteem and some myths about proper exercises. While some individuals, who are known for their laziness stay dreaming about, and some work upon their daily schedules and rob some hours, minutes or seconds, for themselves to visit gym or fitness centers.

There is another segment, especially categorized for the people, who have lots of time, they are not even lazy but unfit and still don’t go to the fitness center for their good health. This category of individual comprises of people who have certain myths in their mind because of which they think that they might get affected if they do strength training exercises on regular basis.

We have acknowledged certain trustworthy surveys done by researchers and fitness practitioners, and have concluded with some common and popular myths because of which some individuals don’t enroll themselves in strength exercises, they are as follows, and please have an instant observation and judge yourself if you are in the category defined above.

  • You are fit if you are building massive muscle

Yes, for sure you will accept it as a common myth or illusion, all because there are individuals who specifically enroll themselves in gym to build massive chest, biceps, triceps, abs and much more. This trap is specially a part of proper and important conversation between guys nowadays. Please make your brain useful to think why you are unable to get that desired body shape of your idol actor, even after working out for more hours than that particular actor does. You will feel yourself unfit up till you will realize that building muscle is not the way to stay fit and healthy.

  • You will regain weight if you will stop doing strength

Believe it or not people are sick if they think so and don’t go to gym.

  • You can reduce fat of a Single Area Alone

Don’t waste time that will never work, doing workout for each and every part of the body is the key.

  • Weight Lifting Affects your Height

Children should play outdoor games like football or cricket with their friends if they think so, and if you are not a child then please drop this common myth as soon as possible and join gym.

The above important and common myths have been shared by one of the best gyms in Noida, Gold’s Gym with its new branch in Sector 127, Noida, India. if you were trapped in above myths and now cursing yourself for thinking so, don’t waste time go ahead and enroll yourself with the help of pocket friendly memberships available in Gold’s Gym and hit the floor to stay healthy, fit and fine.

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Neha Chaudhari is Social Activist from India. She loves to spend earned money on helping needy people and enjoying her life in her own ways.

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