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Major Issues and Solutions for Social Development in Odisha

Author: Franklin Porter
by Franklin Porter
Posted: Jun 23, 2015
social development

The social development challenges are distinct so the solutions. The responsibility needs to be headed by everybody who can do something. Positive change is a dream and Odisha like state really craving for it. The communities and individuals who are working on it need support from all levels of the society. Finding solutions for the social issues in the state is a massive challenge without involvement of resourceful ideas.

The Ultimate Solution - Social Work in Rural Communities of Odisha

The concept of sustainable development in the society or in the broad sense it represents sustainability of a man’s living perfection. The steps taken towards social development in Odisha must focus on the underprivileged, marginalized and deprived communities in the society. Solving their basic issues of livelihood and minimum growth really signifies the development process. Creating opportunities and awaking them to get the best of it is the prime responsibility.

In a state like Odisha of the developing country India, it must start with indigenous people and their problems. Finding and planning for eradication of these issues could solve the problems efficiently.

Education – While we talk on rural communities and their problems, education pops out as the issue as well as the solution too. Yes, lack of education in the rural people of Odisha creating a huge barrier in the flow of sustainable development. In this way, they are keeping themselves out of the process. We have to plan further for socio-economic transformation and social development in Odisha through eliminating the illiteracy. Right from primary to higher education levels, we have to plan extensively for the students from rural areas. Nurturing their interest for education and providing all resources could bring a substantial change.

Skill Development – Unemployment is the biggest challenge in the rural areas that leads to poverty and other social issues. Educating them and empowering them with a source of livelihood really matters a lot. Making the youths able to work and earn through trainings is a great initiative. The strategic employability and income generation programs will turn the rural people earning. Along with maximizing their own skills, they could stand as change agents to encourage others to get into the flow of development. Skill development training programs are the great instances of social work in rural communities of Odisha.

Water and Sanitation – Providing access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation is a necessity in rural Odisha. While we consider social development in Odisha, the barriers like cholera, malnutrition and diarrhea condemn the stream. We have to wipe out these issues through providing water and sanitation facilities.

Women and Children – It is the most deprived group which needs more attention. Right from health and nutrition to social protection became an issue for them. Making them able and efficient has to be counted as a part of social work in rural communities of Odisha.

Strengthening the rural livelihood needs to be the prime focus. The basic areas like education and social awareness could empower the communities to solve problems by their own.

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