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Goals of Rural Development Programmes in Odisha for Women

Author: Franklin Porter
by Franklin Porter
Posted: Jun 23, 2015
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The contributions of women for the socio economic growth of nation and society are precious. In terms of women empowerment, the society is giving more focus towards equality. Empowering their skills and using them to conquer different issues is possible. It is a way out solution to entice the potential of women getting best of it for the society. In a state like Odisha, the issues like gender discrimination and violence against women making the situation worse. These issues are quite common in the rural areas and the rural development programmes in Odisha for women is the ultimate solution.

Necessity of Women Rights Movement in Odisha:

Really it is essential to eradicate all the barriers those are restricting this highly potential group to contribute to the society. Finding solutions for the issues they are facing is primary. Most of the programs are aiming to bring overall growth through providing opportunities of development to the unprivileged and deprived people.

There are various challenges that are creating problems of women’s rights in India. These issues are contributing towards embracement of the women’s status in Odisha and nationwide. Eliminating these issues in both rural and urban areas leads to a better society. The goal of women empowerment will be achieved through strategic planning. It also requires effective dealing out of ideas to upfront the potential of rural women.

Education – There are is noticeable gap between the men and women literacy rate. The lesser literate group is women and this fact is continuing since last few decades. After several years of independence too, the women are at the lowest level of literacy. It is vulnerable for the sustainable growth of Odisha and the country. It is leading to poverty and a male dominant society again. As the illiterate women cannot succeed to earn liken literate women or men, they seek for mercy.

The solution for this problem is to encourage the girls and women to learn. The poor culture which disheartens the girl’s education has to be condemned eventually. Education among the rural women can help eliminating different social issues like unemployment, domestic violence, dowry system, family planning, child marriage, female foeticide, and many more. Most rural development programmes in Odisha are working in promoting girl’s education and preventing drop-outs.

Employment – The rural areas of Odisha have the common problem poverty. Skill development programs and other initiatives of women rights movement in Odisha are fighting against this problem. Making them employable through providing vocational and employability trainings is a great idea.

Health – Proper availability of water and sanitation will definitely decrease the mortality and diseases among the rural women. The maternal mortality or child death cases will be condemned to the lowest level.

Social Security – Dowry, sexual harassment, and other brutal threats needs women rights movement in Odisha essentially. Rural development programmes in Odisha has to work for giving justice to the victims.

The communal endeavors and proper awareness is required to bring any change in the women’s status in rural Odisha. The educated society needs to rise up and work against these issues.

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