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Get IVF in India Helpful For Childless Couple to Have Their Family

Author: Sanjay Gupta
by Sanjay Gupta
Posted: Oct 09, 2013

The term ‘test tube baby’ is a common term these days. IVF or test tube baby mean the same. IVF defined as ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ is a process to treat the infertility of women when all other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. During this process an egg is fertilized by the sperm outside the body. During this process the women’s egg and a man’s sperm are left for fusion in a laboratory dish. IVF in India has become a common practice which many of the married couples have been undertaking.

IVF Clinic India has an expertise in IVF treatment for women. IVF is a five step process-

Stimulation- every woman produces one egg each month but in this process medicines usually called as fertility drugs are given. This is done to boost the egg production of the women.

Egg Retrieval-Follicular aspiration, a surgery to remove eggs from women’s body is done during this process. Ultrasound images are used as a guide by the gynecologist.

Insemination and Fertilization – in an environmentally controlled chamber the men’s sperms are placed and stored with the best quality egg. The mixing of the egg and sperm is called insemination.

Embryo Culture- when the fertilized egg gets divided it takes the form of an embryo. Within 5 days of this progression a normal embryo has numerous dividing cells.

Embryo Transfer- after 3-5 days of egg retrieval and fertilization embryo’s are placed inside in woman’s womb.

IVF Clinic India gynecologist suggests that women who go through IVF must take pills or shots of the hormone progesterone for 8-10 weeks. Progesterone is a hormone that the ovary produces naturally which helps thicken the lining of the women’s womb/uterus.

IVF in India Success Rates are far better than other countries. Most of the results have been satisfactory. Couples who chose IVF or test tube baby treatment usually have got the satisfactory result. Age also plays a very crucial rate in deciding how successful the IVF will prove to be. The no. of still birth or miscarriages is usually very low but due to any uncertainty undesired results may be produced. Therefore it is best suggested to take all the precaution and proper measure as suggested by your gynecologist.

With no more line of wrinkles over forehead to say that IVF Surrogacy is all set to have been making its patients sure have their families complete, and to heal the infertility of man and women when all other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed.

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Ivf Clinic India aims to give every parent the contentment of been called ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ by their children. Ivf in India believes that children are a blessing of god.

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