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Find Your Laughter Online

Author: Liyo Josef
by Liyo Josef
Posted: Jun 23, 2015

Do you remember what Joker said in ‘Batman: The Dark Knight?’ - Why so serious? So, why are we burdening ourselves in the dark passages of our lives? What you need is a good time to laugh out loud! Take out at least 15 minutes from your busy schedule, scrolling through the amazing jokes and memes added from all over the world, especially to make you laugh unstoppable.

You can find the lighter side of your life by reading the amusing list of jokes. Like, if you love fitness jokes, you will find ample of them making fun of how you skip your gym, or how you workout in the gym. Everybody loves a fit and tough body, and everybody likes to make fun of them. The jokes have strong effect on our minds; they improve mental attentiveness, thus improving our health. Imagine a girl stuffing a hamburger and thinking ‘I’m into fitness… fit’ness whole burger in my mouth’; if you do the same thing, you will be amazed by the other jokes on fitness.

When the time for paying your taxes comes, all you need is to make fun of it. Tax jokes will make you laugh till the end. Everybody pays tax, making them everybody’s cup of tea. Your feelings will be expressed by these tax jokes, making you laugh so hard that you might even love to pay taxes, or may be not! Laughter is a part of our lives, now we can make it part of our taxes. Since laughter is free, it can lessen your burden from paying taxes.

Now, if you think someone is retarded, how will you best confront him with the truth? ‘One day you retarded bitches gone realize "no caption needed" is a caption’. Retarded jokes are purely devoted to the retards of the world. You can make them as your weapon, or you can just take the best out of them and spread the disease of retards around you.

  • A dirty mind and a naughty smile!’ Is that true for you? Then you are a dirty mind just like others. Browse dirty mind jokes and memes and love what they think of your dirty mind. You can laugh undefinitely on the variety of jokes on categories like, ucla jokes, bae meme, big forehead jokes, etc. on
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