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A guide on how to buy truffle salt and gourmet salt

Author: Juanita Olive
by Juanita Olive
Posted: Jun 25, 2015

Salt is an integral part of any kitchen at home or a restaurant because any savory dish that has little or no salt is considered tasteless. Table salt is the most common salt that is used extensively. Apart from table salt, sea salt which is a little coarse too is used in a lot of cuisines. However, with gourmet food and restaurants gaining more prominence throughout the world, the chefs are discovering diverse salt types that add a distinctive flavor and texture to a finished dish. The gourmet salts are available in speciality stores or online. If you are a passionate cook who loves to experiment or you run a fine dining restaurant you can work with the various seal salts such as Hawaiian sea salt, flavored salt, Italian sea salt, French salt and truffle salt to name a few.

Black truffles are one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world. If you want something for dinner or your date night but cannot afford the exotic truffles, settle in for truffle salt instead. It can make any regular meal a tasty affair. All you need to do is sprinkle some of it on your meat dishes, eggs, pasta, or even your popcorn. The robust flavor of the truffles blended with the pacific salt is a treat in itself. Though not inexpensive it lasts a long time because you only need to use a small amount at a time. The natural white salt has black truffle flakes that are instantly a taste enhancer. You can find many inspiration and recipes online to use the salt on starters, entrees and even desserts. French salt too is gaining popularity among food lovers.

As the name suggests French salt is harvested in France by salt workers. They use age old methods and processes to harvest the sea salt that is completely hand harvested. French salt or French grey salt is unrefined and it obtains the grey color because it’s crystallized on clay. It is moister as compared to other salt and retains some of the minerals found in sea water. They are also low in sodium chloride and are an excellent addition to the pantry for preparing salads or meat-based dishes. They can be coarse but finer variety of the salt is also available. Thus, they can easily replace the table salt that is more common in the households. As compared to truffle salt it’s milder and can be used in anything from soups, sauces or pastas.

If you want to include a jar of gourmet salt in your kitchen, you should first know about them, see what will complement your cuisine and dishes and then place order online. Whether you want to buy truffle salt or French salt, you should make sure that it is natural and authentic. Make sure that the salt is certified and the online store is a reputed one that sources only original products. Most stores will have a description about the salts, how they are processed and their usage. The information can help you make up your mind. For your next party wow your guests by adding a pinch of natural gourmet salts to your dishes.

Gourmet salts such as truffle salt ( ) and French salt ( ) add flavor and enhance the taste of your dishes.

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