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Bulk Headphones: Comparing Earbuds To Headphones

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jun 29, 2015
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When you’re planning on buying bulk headphones, there is more to consider than just the price of the units. The particular application that requires many sets of headphones is often the overriding factor in the type of unit. There are thousands of different brands and models to choose from, but for the most part, the primary decision is between earbuds and headphones. While bulk headphones can be purchased from suppliers like that carry both types, you’ll need more information to choose one over the other.

One Type Isn’t Superior

Neither earbuds nor headphones are better than the other type under all circumstances. Each has positives and negatives that must be taken into account. Not all these variables have to do with the units themselves. The environment that the headphones will be used in will have as much to do with which bulk headphones you buy as the audio performance.

There are two different types of headphones. Some models cover the ear but don’t block out external sounds. Other models cover the whole ear and seal themselves against your head to block out more sound. If the application for your headphones requires muffling ambient noise to protect the wearer’s hearing, over the ear headphones with heavily padded cups are your best bet. These are popular in very noisy locations like factories, and in places where the reproduction of audio must be of the highest quality. One of the reasons why over the ear, fully enclosed headphones can have superior audio reproduction is that the size of the earpieces allows for a larger woofer, and also allows the signal to be generated slightly further from your ear.

Open Headphones Have Many Advantages

Open headphones are lighter and more comfortable to wear than fully enclosed headphones. They’re much lighter, and they’re easier to wear when you’re moving around. In an office setting, many businesses purchase bulk headphones for their employees to use while working. Open headphones are often preferred because open headphones allow the user to hear at least some ambient noise. While blocking out all ambient sound might sound like a good idea in an office, it can make communication difficult, and force people to tap each other on the shoulder to get another worker’s attention. Open headphones are good for limiting distractions without shutting out noise altogether.

Earbuds Are Great For Price and Convenience

Different types of earbuds sit in the ear in different ways, but for the most part, they’re all designed to sit at least partly in the ear canal. Earbuds are much less bulky than any kind of headphone, and users like their light weight and near-invisibility when being used. However, even the best earbud models have a hard time measuring up in audio quality to the most inexpensive headphones. Earbuds are great for users who are working out, running or physically active while they’re working or just listening to music.

Earbuds have one more thing going for them. Compared to earphones, earbuds are much less expensive, especially when purchased as bulk headphones. If your application requires headphones that are priced to be practically disposable, earbuds are the best option.

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