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Carpal tunnel syndrome: Facts and prevention

Author: Ava Brown
by Ava Brown
Posted: Jun 30, 2015

What was once only available in certain industries now appear to be everywhere. And if you didn’t know how to use one at first you very well better amp up your skills. What exactly are we talking about? Well computers of course! From desktops, to laptops to now even tablets these electronic devices are become part of our lives and we are spending more and more time on them.

You wouldn’t think that a machine could be linked to a syndrome, but the usage of computers actually can. If you type all day or fiddle with a mouse you’re increasing your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Flip over your hand so you’re facing your palm. Do you see the connecting area between your wrist and your hand? Well that’s the area of focus when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome.

You see there are ligaments which run from your risk to your hand which links the bones together in the carpal tunnel. This system of bones and muscles connecting are what allows us to move our fingers and grasps objects. In this intricate system is something called a median nerve which helps us feel temperature, pain and touch.

When swelling occurs space becomes limited and so the nerve becomes pinched and damage can occur. Carpal tunnel syndrome, then, can be mild or get quite severe depending on the damage. So much so that sometimes surgery is needed to relieve the symptoms and fix the damage.

Causes and risk factors of carpal tunnel syndrome

Computer use has been deemed a large risk factor of developing carpal tunnel. This is because when operating a mouse or typing on a keyboard our wrists are bent and pressure is then put on the median nerve.

Additionally continuous repetitive motion of the wrist can also be a risk factor of carpal tunnel syndrome and it continues to put pressure on the nerve.

Some other causes and risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Sex – women are more prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome


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