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Social Media Optimization Techniques for an Indian Audience

Author: Impulse Tek
by Impulse Tek
Posted: Jun 30, 2015

Social Media Optimization is a norm these days and every second firm is rushing to provide social media services to any business that is willing to take up their cause but every audience requires a different kind of optimization. The audience itself is different and the mindsets too. Hence, one has to keep the audience in mind when indulging in SMO i.e. Social Media Optimization. This is your first lesson with regards to SMO. Here are a few more –

It is all about socialising

Reaching out to people, talking to them, making friends and laughing with them is all, that social media is about. Yes, even when you are a brand, you are going to be better liked when there is a connection rather than when there is a distance between you and your customers. Do not treat the customers as audience. Treat them as if they were one of your own kin and soon, they will be.

Do not forget the promotion part

While you treat your customers as friends, ensure that you conduct yourself as a brand and don’t let that guard down. For, if you do not promote, it will defeat the very purpose of reaching out to them. Hence, ensure that you promote but at the same time don’t go over the top. Passive promotion works the best online.

Complacency has no place here

As far as the internet is concerned, you can never be too sure. You can give it a try and if you do things correctly, the results will indeed show but that is all there is to it and nothing more. Ensure that you have the requisite patience, endurance and humility in you before you decide to go social with your brand. These will take you a long way.

Spread Some Joy

You have to give your customers something, a gift voucher, a discount or anything that they might value. It could also be a game they can play on landing to your page. See what goes with your brand and give your customers the benefit of being tied up with you. After all, social butterflies often bring delicious food to the houses of other social butterflies in order to be accepted, remember? Therefore, lure people to your brand with some good and you will be more than happy with the results.

Keep an eye on the results

What kind of traffic are you getting? Is it really getting converted? You can use one of the software available for tracking traffic or the insights that the social media websites themselves provide are often invaluable. Therefore, use these apps so that you know how well your social media strategies are doing and if at all, you need to change them.

Choosing the right Agency

Lastly and most importantly, if you are using an agency for your social media, then ensure that you don’t go for any tom, dick or harry in the business. Choose a credible agency that will actually help you succeed.

For instance, Social Media Optimization techniques India will be a million leagues different from Social Media Optimization techniques, America.

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Author: Impulse Tek

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