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How Commercial Solar Power Helps Businesses Of All Kinds And Sizes

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Jun 30, 2015
solar energy

Reducing their carbon footprint is one of the most important things businesses can do today. In addition to making a big contribution towards reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, it also gets the attention of their customers, both present and future. Making a public gesture to save on energy is good for a company’s reputation and it sets an example for other businesses to follow. The incentives available for companies that transition to commercial solar power can also make the difference between paying a large energy bill each month and paying little or nothing at all.

Return on Investment is a term that most businesses are familiar with. Getting back more than they put into their operation is how they make a profit and become successful. Many business owners are surprised to learn that they can earn an excellent ROI on their investment into a solar energy system when it is planned out to perform optimally in their facility. Their initial investment may be paid for in a matter of only a few years and the system will continue to produce a positive cash flow for many years longer. A solar energy consulting and installation company like can help you understand your finance options and the incentives available to you for commercial solar power.

Concerns over the environment coupled with the growing price of fuel have led to an increased number of homeowners and businesses alike making the transition to commercial solar power. It is sustainable, clean and doesn’t produce harmful side effects. The energy needs for businesses is typically on a much larger scale than that of homes, just as businesses typically pay hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly for their energy costs. Light, heat and air, operating equipment and various features of the facility on a daily basis takes a large amount of electricity. That means that there are much larger costs to be reduced through solar energy use. Once you are using solar, you can expect a tremendous savings over your current costs.

Maintenance-Free Energy

Few systems that a business must use will be as reliable as a solar energy system. In addition to its exceptional performance, it will require no maintenance to keep it operating at potential. A new solar energy system will provide you with electricity for 25 to 40 years without the need to repair or update it. Plus, it offers quiet operation that won’t interfere with your business activities.

Something to Brag About

Many businesses today are finding the advantages that come from earning the "Green" label. Lowering their use of fuels will also result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other types of pollution. Acquiring green status is something to brag about and to use in your marketing tools. Let your customers know how important the environment is to you and the important steps you are taking to protect it.

Commercial Solar Power in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has been passing their expectations and surpassing their goals in achieving solar power installations. The current goal is to reach 1,600 MW by 2020, an aggressive goal by any means. The state is considered a leader in solar energy and they are well-known for their incentive programs. They understand that making solar affordable businesses will result in more environmentally friendly energy solutions that will benefit their state and beyond.

There are numerous ownership and financing options available to Massachusetts business owners. In addition to investing in a solar energy system they will own, they also have the option to lease or make a power purchase agreement which allows a homeowner to purchase energy from a system someone else has installed on the property. It is important to understand your options in commercial solar power and know what to expect from a system’s performance and costs before you.

Although you may have to pay the initial installation costs upfront, you can expect to enjoy significant financial benefits over time. Incentives such as the Federal tax credit, the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System and the Massachusetts Personal Income Tax Credit are just some of the incentives offered to encourage business owners to go solar. Over time, you will enjoy the use of free solar electricity and eliminate or greatly reduce the amount you have to pay for electricity. You can also earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) when you produce more solar electricity than you use. This is measured through net metering that tells you when you have extra energy so it can be purchased from you by the utility company.

Common Myths about Commercial Solar Power

Many myths have been carried over today that come from beliefs that came from earlier use of solar energy. Changes in the effectiveness of solar energy have resulted in increased interest in the renewable energy source. Some of these myths are:

Solar Energy is Difficult to Maintain

A solar energy system requires little to no maintenance during its lifetime and will typically last from 25 to 40 years.

Solar Energy is for Environmentalists

Anyone can enjoy the perks of commercial solar power, especially when it causes you to save money, improves your reputation, and allows you to receive incentives that make it even more affordable!

It is a Serious Energy Source

Some people feel that solar energy is not serious enough to make it reliable in settings where high volumes of electricity are used daily and need to be dependable. Today’s commercial solar system works along with the traditional electricity source which kicks in when needed without any disturbance to your facility or equipment. When the system is not producing enough energy for your use, it automatically provides you with what you need from the utility company without the interference.

Commercial solar power is an abundant resource that is leading the way through a booming industry. While it has its place in the home, there are numerous benefits to using solar energy in the business. Getting the right system and professional installation will result in an effective energy source that you can feel good about!

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