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Does Lemon Juice Really Work To Remove Freckles?

Author: Barbara Mory
by Barbara Mory
Posted: Aug 31, 2015

Are you searching for an effective way to remove freckles? There are lots of inexpensive and easier methods to treat freckles without undergoing the laser treatment. You need not have to visit your doctor frequently.

Yes, you read it right, lemon is best to cleanse the skin damages and give you healthier skin. This really works to lighten the freckles. This is the best home remedy that works to remove the freckles. Let us check out some tips to remove the freckles with lemon juice.

So what can you do to get rid of freckles permanently?

You can use lemon juice to remove the freckles. This also helps to provide you effective results.

Tips to remove freckles with lemon juice:

Lemon juice has been proven to lighten the dark spots and uneven skin tone. This helps to remove the freckles. This is an affordable way to treat the skin issues. It has reduced risk to damage your skin complexion.

Lemon Juice for Freckles:

Lemon juice is helpful to lighten the freckles. This is a natural remedy which helps to lighten the freckles to great extent. It helps to minimize the melanin pigmentation of your skin. This helps to reduce the dark spots on skin and give you fairer complexion. It removes this skin issue which is caused due to genetic predisposition. It improves the skin condition caused due to melanocortin-1 receptor gene found at the birth time.

Some people have freckles during puberty due to prolonged sun exposure. People who have sunlight exposure activate the melanocytes that increase the melanin of skin. The herbal remedies safely lighten the freckles.

How to Use it?

The lemon is natural bleaching agent which lightens the freckles. The citric acid present in it helps to clear the acne, wrinkles and improves dryness of your skin. This provides you natural radiance to the skin and cosmelan product reduces the dark circles under eyes. It is also helpful to reduce the freckles and scars.

  1. Apply the concentrated lemon juice on skin. This acts as a natural cleanser and some people can experience slight stinging. People allergic to topical application of lemon should avoid using it directly; perform a patch test before application. Some people complain of the breakouts due to sensitivity of their skin. This could be due to acidic nature of the juice.
  2. Cleanse your skin with mild scrub or lotion and wash with warm water. Mix a juice of lemon with two teaspoon pure honey. This helps to reduce the freckles on neck, back and arms. Apply this lotion daily evenly on your skin and massage it properly. Ensure to leave the juice for half an hour. With regular application you can get effective results within three-four weeks.
  3. Allow the juice to dry then use lukewarm water to remove it. Do not use any kind of soap to wash the juice. Apply a moisturizer as this helps to protect your skin from tanning.
  4. Your skin will become flawless with consistent application of the juice.
  5. Avoid going outdoors or directly in sunlight as this can cause itching and tanning. The sunlight and polluted air can worsen the freckles. Use a sunscreen to protect your skin.

This is a short term treatment and you need to re-apply usage to fade the dark spots. You should be proactive and careful to treat the freckles. Avoid sun exposure as this can affect the skin texture.

The lemon juice is cost effective method and home remedy to treat the freckles. But it cannot give you permanent results. There are many cosmetic brands including the skin brightener which lightens the uneven skin tone. They have natural ingredients which have less risk to damage your skin.


To choose the best skin brighteners, read the reviews. This will give you more insight about the products and its features.

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