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2D Barcode Scanners Are Better Than 1D Barcode Scanners

Author: Propix Technologies
by Propix Technologies
Posted: Jul 06, 2015

An online barcode scanner and reader is a device designed to scan and read barcodes that are printed on a retailer’s product packages for stock control purposes as well as to recover the latest pricing. Thus, selecting the correct barcode scannerfor your business is very important. However, before selecting a barcode reader and scanner, you should be aware of the different sorts of barcodes and barcode scanners. The two main types of barcodes are 1 dimensional i.e., 1D barcodes and 2 dimensional i.e., 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes store more information than 1D barcodes. Just a single 2D barcode, which is a large postage stamp sized barcode, has the ability to store a number of alphanumeric (alphabets & numbers) characters and this makes the 2D barcodes more beneficial than 1D.

There are also two main types of barcode scanners that are 1D and 2D barcode scanners. Let’s see how 2D barcode scanners are better than 1D scanners.

Reading Ability

A 1D scanner can never scan 2D barcodes, but 2D barcode scanners are able to scan both 1 & 2D barcodes. A 2D barcode scanner has the ability to read all the barcode symbologies for example a 2D barcode scanner can work as a data matrix code reader.

Omni-directional Reading Ability

2D barcode scanners have an additional skill of reading barcodes omni-directionally; meaning, a 1D scanner needs the scan line to be aligned perpendicularly to the barcode; whereas a 2D barcode scannercan read a barcode from any angle. A 2D barcode scanner captures the entire image of the item to be identified and avoids any alignment limitation or restrictions between the barcode to be scanned & read and the scanner. This ability of a 2D barcode scanner enhances productivity as well as efficiency in any application.

Faster and Reliable

The process of data entry with the help of 2D barcodes is a lot faster and thus you can process forms more accurately and faster as compared to 1D.

2D barcodes can offer exceptional reliability as well as error correction capabilities. 2D barcodes can have "error correction formulas", so that your data can still be recovered even if the barcode is badly printed. 2D barcode scanners can also read the barcodes that are scratched or damaged by harsh or rough conditions.

Thus, 2D barcode scanners are beneficial than 1D barcode scanners. While getting a barcode scanner for your business make sure you get it from renowned company or manufacturer. Propix Technologies is one of such renowned and expert companies that provide best quality vision inspection systems and products like Pack I, Bliss etc. for barcode verification, product inspection, label verificationetc. To know more about best quality vision inspection systems, online barcode readers and scanners, visit

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