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3 Tips to Make Your Laptop As Good As New

Author: Tiffany Morris
by Tiffany Morris
Posted: Jul 06, 2015
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No matter what gadget or machinery you own, the better the condition you keep it in, the longer it will service you. The same goes for computers and particularly, laptops – since they go through with a lot more wear and tear than the resting desktop because of its mobility. With laptops, the accessories like the printer for example also need to be taken care of, it is advisable to contact printer repair in Mumbai for any queries

To keep your laptop spic, span and shiny, you should perform some basic maintenance periodically and clean out its interiors.

This is comprehensive guide to deliver the optimal result and maintained for your laptop

Checking the Screws

The screws at what keeps your laptop from falling apart – literally. It is a good idea to periodically check and tighten the screws. You will need a Phillips screwdriver (check the size of the screws on the bottom part of the laptop before buying a new one), flip the laptop and check the tension of the screws.

The loose screws are noticeable is you experience a certain level of abnormality in the hinge movement while shutting and opening the laptop. The hinge screws are usually on the side of the laptop.

If the laptop lid feels wobbly or uncelebrated, the top screws on the hinge might be loose.

If the hinge itself is broken, the replacement can be bought online for cheap but it requires a fair amount of laptop disassembly, take it to the nearest HP laptop service center if you own a HP laptop.

Disable Unused Startup Programs

Most of the time, you can’t keep track of all the installed software on your laptop, which is surprising since most of us keep our smartphones and its applications on a tight leash.

Startup programs are those which are configured to run as soon as the machine is booted up. This takes away a few minutes of boot time and adds to the delay unnecessarily.

Disabling or uninstalling these programs will boot up your laptop faster, reduce the lag and even extend the span of time it takes for the laptop to reach its maximum heat.

If you run an antivirus on your laptop, that should be the only software which should run on boot. You can remove startup programs with a built-in Windows Utility.

To access, open the Start Menu and type msconfig in the search bar press enter.

Navigate to the Startup tab and uncheck all that you don’t want to start on boot

Powerful Batteries aren’t Just for Smartphones

Laptop batteries are not set in stone; they come with a fixed number of charging cycles and often require changing after 2-3 years. A telltale sign is when the laptop battery doesn’t last as much as it used to when you bought it or the charge drains at an unreasonable rate. There is nothing to worry since laptop batteries are easily available in the market in an affordable price range for each particular model number and brand.

While buying the battery be sure to compare the MAh value of each battery. To check the MAh of the battery you currently own, see the printer label on the battery. The MAh number denotes the amount of electricity charge the battery can hold. Larger the number, the more battery life you get after unplugging the charger. A 7800- MAh battery will power your laptop much longer than a 4400- MAh batter would.
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This is article is written by Tiffany Morris who offers Hp laptop repair, including toner refilling in Mumbai.

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