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Vein Clinic in Houston: What to Look For in a Vein Doctor

Author: David Faukner
by David Faukner
Posted: Jul 08, 2015

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for a vein doctor. There are many reasons why you might be doing this. Your family doctor may have noticed some symptoms of vein disease and suggested that you see a specialist. Or you may have varicose veins, and thus already know that you have vein disease, and you've finally decided to look into varicose vein treatment options in Houston. Whatever your reasons, in this article we'll try to help by giving you a few tips about what you should be looking for in a vein doctor.

Naturally, you should look into the doctor's education and certifications

Although many may react to this tip by saying "Duh...of course," we point it out because many people don't know what a specialized field venous medicine is, and how many years of training it takes to become a good vein doctor. The Houston vein doctor you choose should be board certified in vascular medicine, cardiology, or interventional radiology, because the diagnosis and treatment of vein diseases requires skills that are not part of a standard medical education.

For example, your average family doctor is probably able to detect varicose veins (because in many cases you can actually see them on the surface of the skin), but does he have the expertise to use Doppler ultrasound to look below the skin and detect a more dangerous vein disease that "hides," such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT)? And even if an average general practitioner could detect DVT, do they have the advanced training in minimally invasive techniques like endovenous laser therapy that is required to eliminate this disease?

Another obvious tip is that the doctor's offices should be state of the art

This is important because most vein disease treatment these days is performed in the vein doctor's offices. The Houston vein clinic you choose should have all the advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment you need onsite, so that patients never have to go elsewhere for the treatments they need.

But the most important quality to look for in a vein doctor may surprise you

The most important quality is good communication skills. Why? Well, because part of the "art" of being a great vein doctor is in knowing when to ask the right questions – about your and your family's health history, about your everyday exercise and dietary habits, and even about your lifestyle. A good vein doctor will know to ask about obvious risk factors for vein disease like obesity, diabetes, and smoking. But a great vein doctor will have the experience to know that he should ask about your job, and whether it requires you to sit at a desk all day, or travel for long distances on airplanes. Both of these activities greatly increase your risk of vein disease, and a great doctor should care enough about your overall health and well-being to ask them.

Finally – and this quality is really a subset of having good communication skills – a good vein doctor should make you feel comfortable in his care. He should pay attention to your concerns and answer your questions in such a way that you never doubt for a moment that you are "in good hands."

If you are reading this article from other cities, we hope that our tips help you find the best vein doctor in your area. If you are in the Houston area, however, we suggest that you save some time by picking up your telephone and calling Dr. Rao at Texas Vein and Wellness Institute. Dr. Rao has been recognized as the best vein doctor in Houston by his peers in the medical community and by his patients for many years now. So give him a call at 281-888-1464 and arrange for an initial consultation at our vein clinic in Houston. We honestly think you'll be so pleased by how you are treated that you won't have to search any further for the treatment you need.

Author Bio: A vein clinic in Houston and Houston varicose vein doctor provides some useful tips about the most important quality you should be looking for in a vein doctor.
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