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A Brief Insight Into Different Sorts Of Dance Shoes

Author: Genaro Nilsen
by Genaro Nilsen
Posted: Jul 09, 2015

Dancing is gaining great popularity nowadays with the emergent of myriad dance shows on television. It is of course an enjoyable hobby and an excellent exercise for the body as well. To be a successful profession or hobby, dance desires specific investments and clothing is one amid these. Dance shoe is yet another important dance accessory to take into consideration. But which sort of shoe is best fit for your needs? Certainly, the type of lesson which you are taking determines the kinds of shoes you will require. Shoes are available for different types of dance forms including for ballet, tap, ballroom, hip hop, jazz dancing and so on.

Characteristics of great shoes for dancing

Quality dance shoes are flexible, lightweight, comfortable, and are made of leather or suede. These also have built-in additional cushioning in the shoe’s sole. They provide your foot a greater freedom of movement in comparison to that of regular shoes whilst keeping your heel locked in the apt place. They have suede/leather soles to offer you the apt amount of slip and grip on dancing floor whilst permitting your foot to spin freely.

The popular types

Ballroom and Tango shoes - Most shoes available for dancing come with low heels. However, tango and ballroom dancing are two exceptions. The heels for ladies tango and ballroom dancing shoes are literally quite high. These are often brightly and sparkly colored, and are of course the fabulous shoes.

Ballet shoes - Shoes for ballet dance are extremely different. These shoes are indeed soft, flat and typically matte. They oftentimes even have elastic bands or ribbon which can be bought separately and you can sew them easy on yourself. The ballet shoes design tends to stay similar over time.

Tap dance shoe – Tap dancing shoes are factually character shoes that comes with metal taps. The metal pieces are the ones that produce the tapping sound. These shoes typically come in the color black along with a buckle, though there are few brightly colored styles available.

Jazz shoes – These can often times be much similar to that of ballet shoes however, jazz shoes come typically with low heels. They have soft soles and there are even thin shoes laces which you can tie, in an idyllic color which matches that of the jazz shoes.

Things to consider

Ensure that you select shoes that are the best fit for you. An improper fit can affect your dance performance. Get right dance shoe suiting the type of dance and which is perfect fit for your foot size. To shoes keeping new and clean, shoe polish is the smart choice for leather. Mesh, sating or sparkle net can be properly cleaned with the aid of soap and water. Remember, suede bottom shoes tend to wear out fast if you wear daily on the street. It is better to wear these shoes only on dance floor surfaces. You can get a great variety of shoes for dancing online at discounted prices. Ensure to research well and procure the highest quality shoe!

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