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Top Quality Your Web Designers and Developers Should Have

Author: Expertvillagemedia Technologies
by Expertvillagemedia Technologies
Posted: Jul 10, 2015

Having a good website is very important for any serious entrepreneur today. This is because a website plays an important role in marketing and reaching the potential clients. However, compared to the past, a lot has changed and the traditional website will not help you a great deal. Today, a website needs to be well-designed and attractive. It also needs to be simple and powerful because of the fact that competition is increasing. It is estimated that more than a million domain names are registered every month and the number will definitely rise. In this article, I explain a few qualities that your web developer should have.

Open mind

When designing a website, you want a person who has an open mind. Someone who understands what flexibility is. There are those website developers who believe that a website must be designed from scratch using HTML codes. The fact is that things have changed and today, to design a website, you don’t need to start from scratch. There are thousands of high quality designed website templates (or themes) that people are using. In fact, all the leading websites you use today were not designed from scratch. For instance, CNN, mashable and buzzfeed are all built from content management systems (CMS) platforms such as Wordpress and they attract millions of users on a daily basis. Therefore, it is very important for your web developer to have an open mind as this will save you time and money.


You want a good website developer who can show for it. Today, whenever you search for web design and development company, chances are that you will get millions of responses. This is simply because any one who can design a WordPress website considers himself an expert. Most times, when you get a developer whose work you can’t view and verify, the fact is that you will be at a disadvantage. This is because you might get someone who is not experienced and one who has nothing to show for it. I recommend that you do a lot of in-depth research when getting the developer. I also recommend that you use the word of mouth or referrals. This is where you talk to someone who has a nice website and enquire from him the person who built it.

Cost friendly

In the past, a simple website used to cost thousands of dollars. I remember in the past clients would pay me more than $5000 for a simple website. Days have long changed and the cost has reduced significantly. One reason why this has happened is that things have gotten easier. In the past, I had to sit down and write code using notepad. Another reason is that on the supply side, things have become very saturated.

Therefore, you need to get someone who is very experienced in website design company usa, who understands the dynamics of the industry and one who is cost friendly. Today, it is possible to get a world class website with a less than $1000 investment. Doing a lot of background research will help you a lot in this.

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