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E Cig Liquid Wholesale - Available In Different Flavors

Author: Ryan Justin
by Ryan Justin
Posted: Jul 13, 2015
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E liquid is available as a fluid that is filled into the cartridge featured in an electronic cigarette to use them. They provide a flavoring and nicotine solution to the e cigarettes in order to make them usable for smoking. A heating element is provided within the e cigarettes that atomize these e liquids in order to make the vapor that exhales by the user while using. Liquid can be of both types such as with nicotine or nicotine free so you can choose according to your desired requirements. The manufacturers use base ingredients such as PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) to compose a liquid with smooth flavor. Both of them are combined with artificial or natural flavors in order to make unique flavors. PG (Propylene Glycol) is a flavoring carrier on the other hand the Vegetable Glycerin is a thick, sweet and vegetable based liquid.

E cig liquid wholesale is available in different flavors to be filled in the cartridge available in the electronic cigarettes, which give you good feeling after using e cigs.

An e cig liquid wholesale comes in a number of strengths including-

None – Nicotine free

This includes a liquid that has no any quantity of nicotine within them and are harmless in nature.

Extra Light – 6mg Nicotine

This means, a liquid contains a small drop of nicotine that can also be considered as nicotine free.

Light– 12mg Nicotine

A liquid with light nicotine is also less harmful.

Regular– 18mg Nicotine

This means that an electronic cigarette contains nicotine as available in the traditional one.

High– 24mg Nicotine

High quantity of nicotine is available in the flavor, which may harm your health like traditional cigarettes.

Classic Tobacco

It has a correct amount of moxie with sweet finish and leafy aroma and available as classic tobacco kick, which will give you vapor smoothness.


It includes as ice rush of our peppermint taste, which will freshened up you by using within your e cigs.

Single Malt Scotch

This contains oak-filled scotch vapor flavor that provide classic taste and smoky aroma, which provide you a gentle aftertaste.

Butter Crunch

It is available as a flavor of rich brown sugar, which is provided with refined hazelnut finish. It provides sweetness in aftertaste.

Double Espresso

It is a mixture of all the senses and in the first exhale, you will feel spicy flavor. This flavor is available as a rich combination of tobacco and espresso.

Vanilla Bean

With this flavor, you will feel firstly musky notes of vanilla bean and then a blend of faint oak and orchid after taste.


This flavor has fragment of lemon, white wine and black tea and provide aroma with the taste of natural freshness of Pomegranate.

Blood Orange

It has the richness of citrus bunch, which give the feel of rejuvenating freshness for the first time.

Peach Tea

Available as a combination of refreshingly juicy peaches and crisp black tea, this flavor provides an excellent aroma with familiar finish.

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