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Get set…for traction and safety in tyres

Author: Cassandra Surette
by Cassandra Surette
Posted: Jul 24, 2015

The education in safety of tyres of a vehicle is something which requires to be known by all. Especially the motorist himself should know all the minute details about every little detail. Basically studded tyres have generated a lot of controversy over the years. A number of countries have banned them too. Some states have restricted their use and passed a rule to have lighter-weight studs. In reality the concern is more due to pavement and road wearing down. After winters most roads require a lot of repair to be carried. This of course leads to more financial stress on the governments for repairs.

However this concern is not about mere cost problem. The safety of use of studded tyre is also in need of discussion. Also the stud-less variety is something, which requires looking into too. The problems surrounding studded tyre performance and safety are complex and need looking into minutely.

From the viewpoint of traction...(that is ability of a wheel to hold on the road without sliding) studded tyres, when fresh and new, most often offer a lot of benefits in comparison to other tyres. This is mostly true during winter when the roads are ice-covered and the temperatures are near freezing. But then with the coming of stud-less tyres there is naturally a stiff competition to these tyres. Their design and grooves which are carved in a particular manner are something which gives good traction support to the vehicle.

Only during the seasons and times when temperatures are freezing with icy sheets of ice covering the roads are the studded tyres very much in demand. Rest of the month they end up losing their traction abilities, more so on dry and wet pavements conditions. Plus there a host of safety factors, both primary and secondary that are connected to use of studded tyres. These are very difficult to quantify.

The advent of technology which seems to improve day by day, the studded tyres are not the only ones which can be used during winter months. Their traction abilities tend to lessen, especially after use, during winter months. Also in dry weather, these tyres cannot be absolutely trusted as far as their traction features are concerned. While braking and starting, in snow filled conditions these tyres offer plenty of benefits.

It has been discovered that studded tyres may lose their traction abilities over a period of time. Hence safety is a real concern with them after a few years.

The stud-less tyres generally in comparison, to studded tyres do not perform well with their traction functions in snowy conditions.

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