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Avail Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis in India

Author: Chris Gayle
by Chris Gayle
Posted: Jul 15, 2015

Ayurveda has been a crucial part of the Indian medical system for centuries now but lately it has taken some giant strides at the world stage. It is now considered as a viable alternate for allopathic practices. Not too long ago, Ayurveda and ayurvedic treatments were seen as a precautionary measure rather than a curative practice but scientists and doctors have now realized that Ayurveda too is capable of preventing and curing serious illnesses like diabetes, cancer, paralysis and many more.

There are a number of Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals in India that offer Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis. These clinics and hospitals are a blend of highly modern infrastructure and machineries to detect and diagnose the disease. These clinics operate on ancient Ayurveda teachings to provide specific solutions for all sorts of diseases. The environment and ambiance in these Ayurvedic clinics is also pretty serene, calm and close to nature.

What is paralysis and what causes it?

Paralysis is a serious illness that causes loss of ability to voluntarily move one side of the torso. According to Ayurvedic teachings, this happens due to disruption or imbalance in the vata dosha. The human body is made up of three doshas namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Vata dosha controls the sensory activities of the Human body. Ayurveda seeks to fix the imbalances between these doshas to cure all sorts of mental as well as physical diseases.

Reasons to avail Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis

Ayurvedic treatments are completely natural and safe. There is virtually no scope for any kind of side effect. Even though allopathic medicines are pretty safe these days but there are still chances of side effects in some cases. Ayurvedic medicines and massages for paralysis not only help the patient to recover from the illness but also work as a stress buster that makes the patients feels fresh and mentally rejuvenated.

Ayurvedic therapies like Ksheeradhara, Thala, Ksheeradhooma, Nasya, Pichu, Sirovasti, Lepana, Medhya Rasayanas, Sirodhara etc. are done to bring back the sensory functions of the affected parts back. Some of these therapies are specific for some body parts and provides great relief to the patient. Not only therapies and massages but Ayurvedic medicines for paralysis also cleanses the body with anti-oxidants to reduce cell deaths and provide oxygen to affected veins. All these process combined together purifies the body and maintains a blood supply to each part of the body for each organ to function without any disruption.

A lot of people now prefer Ayurvedic treatments for paralysis because it has proved to be safe and effective. Along with treating the disease, Ayurveda seeks to eliminate the root cause of the disease by balancing your doshas. There are a number of new and advanced Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals opening up in India for the treatment of serious diseases like Paralysis, Cancer, diabetes and many more.

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