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Elevators – transforming man’s vertical dreams into a reality

Author: Alana Alex
by Alana Alex
Posted: Jul 15, 2015

Elevators have made dreams into reality of today’s high tech concrete jungles spread all across the globe. They are lifelines for all those that wish to access these high-rise buildings, people and property alike. They are an important catalyst to the upward growth of industrialization.They will always be the need of multi-story buildings and will never go out of fashion or be ignored. That being said, the first and foremost concern of installing elevators is the guarantee of absolute safety to its users. Safety has been the pioneer component of this dangerous machinery, which if not maintained periodically, can prove fatal for its passengers. Every vertical transportation agency dreads elevator accidents, and takes all the precautions in the book to make sure their elevators fulfill industry approved standards and are tested to withstand unforeseeable complications without putting the lives of people at risk. Elevator testing has thus embarked on new developed ways to ensure the quality of elevators and their maintenance teams.


If there were no elevators, the Earth’s population would spread horizontally, exhausting all its land a long time ago. There would be no tall vertical buildings that are home to maximum of the population all over the world. Elevators make possible not only displacement of men, but of heavy materials and goods such as vehicles, bricks and mortar, building frameworks and even industrial machines. They perform a great deal of work and are extremely energy efficient at the same time. It is imperative to find the right suppliers of top quality elevators and technical assistance to go with it, be it for people or for goods.


Lifts are custom made as per the specifications of the building they need to be installed in and they come in various kinds and shapes as per the utility. Professional developers will provide you a huge variety of materials, finishing, interiors and design options to suit your style. An important point is to know your requirements right and the purpose of the elevator, and it will be easy to decide on the kind of elevator best suited for you. You must also be aware of the local laws concerning elevator specifications and inspection routine rules.


  1. Hydraulic elevators –involve installing cylinders, and are simple and conventional, but less energy efficient.
  2. Traction elevators - can be slower running gearless elevators(hoist rope mechanism) or high speed with gear elevators (motorized)
  3. Machine room-less (MRL) elevators – Add more space as a majority of the components are included in the shaft of the elevator, and conserve more energy than hydraulic elevators
  4. Climbing elevators – ascend by themselves due to self-propulsion by an engine.

Elevator designing, installation, repair, maintenance, inspection and remodeling are booming businesses especially in architecturally demanding areas like Glastonbury, New Haven,Hartford and Bloomfield to name a few. Without elevators there would not have been sky high construction dreams, industrialization or developments in the eco-system and mankind’s way of life. It is the responsibility of passengers and building management boards to maintain the infrastructure provided for their own betterment and promote a true civic sense along with elevator service providers.

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