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Engagement Rings Sydney - How Diamonds are formed?

Author: Alex Mayers
by Alex Mayers
Posted: Jul 15, 2015

Diamonds are made out of native crystalline carbon in the Earth, under intense heat and pressure approximately 1 to 3 billion years ago. When huge pressure is added together with a high temperature, the carbon is turned into diamond. Volcanic blasts brought the gems to the upper surface from where they can be mined. They are highly valued as precious stones, thus diamond is the hardest natural material in the human history, resistant to scratching and acid. The hardness of the diamond is rated 10- the hardest, according on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
According to Diamond dealer Sydney, the popularity of the diamonds has risen in the 19th century due to the mining, polishing and cutting techniques and the numerous operations and excavations procedures which can be applied to extract the gems and wedding stones.
Later on, diamonds are involved in many stages of reprocessing, sorting and classifying, where they are removed from impurities such as sand and clay. Diamonds are judged by the carat weight, clarity, the colour and the cut. The majority of the diamonds are sorted and valued by the experts based on their primary characteristics such as: size, colour, shape and quality. Diamonds come in a variety of colours; pink, brown, yellow but the most pure and transparent appearance belongs to the white diamonds without any colour at all.
Diamonds can also be discovered in areas like seabed, so instead of diamond mining there is a non-industrial detection technique undertaken by families and communities by using the most basic tools such as sieves and pans. This is widely known as an artisanal digging.
The diamond engineering consists of mining and processing gems and diamonds in the sources like Botswana, Russia, South Africa and Congo. It takes 250 tons of mined ore to produce one single diamond. The biggest diamond place for resealing and trade of diamond cuts is Antwerp, also known as a Diamond Quarter. Consequently, the Antwerp diamond sector has an annual turnover of 39 billion U.S. dollars.
Before the gems being developed and distributed on the market, Diamond dealer Sydney needs to prove that the remaining diamonds are from free sources. Diamond cutting is a specific skill, which can determine the shape of the gems such as round brilliant, oval, pearl and heart shaped forms. Along with the cutting, polishing may impact the clarity and the carat weight.
Industrial diamonds are appreciated mostly for their hardness and heat capabilities, making many of the visual appearances of diamonds, including clarity and colour, mostly irrelevant. Therefore, diamonds are widely implemented in drills, saw blades - melted into a powder for high pressure needs. Besides, diamonds are excellent electrical insulators.
If you intend to buy diamond jewellery from Jeweller Sydney you can be certain that you are dealing with reputable and honest retailers. Diamond dealer Sydney is widely known among wholesalers as an expert in his field of diamond engagement rings and exclusive bridal jewellery.

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