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Essential Equipment for Wedding Videos

Author: Alex Mayers
by Alex Mayers
Posted: Jul 20, 2015

Wedding Videos can be both a profession and a passion. On the other hand, if you pursue and opt to create a superior resolution, you will certainly need proper equipment for wedding videos Sydney. The basic setup includes a video camera, software for editing, lighting and sound microphones. However, if you don’t have a sufficient budget to buy the most modern equipment you can still purchase a satisfying camcorder for a decent amount of money. What you need to know when buying professional equipment is to ensure the features are compatible to each other.

The professional tripods are another necessary thing for wedding videography business to keep the footage steady and professional. Get a tripod if you want to generate a smoother looking videos and extremely stabile quality filming. If you plan on moving the camera I can recommend you a tripod with a fluid head for a sharper action and smoother movement. An additional tip – it is always better to buy legs and head separately so you can upgrade the tripod with the camera later on. Plus, make sure that the legs of the tripod are able to carry the weight of your camera.

Obviously every videographer needs a good camera. When buying a new camera you should be aware that the professional equipment is far from cheap and if you are getting serious about videography, be prepared to invest in professional features. If you have a low quality video no one will want to hire you or to use your services. While it is worth spending money on a HD camera be careful and invest in something that will make you more productive without wasting your entire budget. It is also a good idea to test the camera before buying it. For a larger and more expensive product it is smart to ask for a discount and a warranty in case something goes wrong before you’ve even started. Microphone, because the sound is half of the video production for Sydney wedding videography. It is always worth investing in a good quality microphone because a poor quality sound may destroy your entire efforts. There are so many different types of microphones you can use to record the sound from longer distances, especially when it comes to the wedding vows and the toast after the ceremony. A microphone can be attached on the same camera or you can simply use a small microphone which can be attached up to the groom to record the vows.You will also need a computer editing software with a large hard drive at least 7200rpm, to support the editing of HD video resolution. Memory is also something that is worth to invest in; it can make a huge difference over the computer performance once you will start with the editing procedure. It is always nice to have a speed machine, so before purchasing see if the software will satisfy your requirements with the components available.

The major thing is to have a good source of lightning if you are planning to do a recording inside the house. There are some incredible lighting accessories which are also affordable and you don’t have to pay a fortune. Investing in a light kit is important so you can satisfy each of your clients from recording scenes, different angles and different backgrounds. There are other appliances and plugins you could also purchase as an addition to your software such as colour filters and panels to make your videos more appealing. This is a pretty good list to start if you want to invest and became wedding videographer Sydney. Otherwise, for a more professional approach to your wedding feel free to contact wedding videos Sydney.

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