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Ride One of the Full Size Folding Bikes

Author: Abby Watson
by Abby Watson
Posted: May 23, 2017
folding bikes

Full size folding bikes are designed to also fold into a compressed form as other folding bicycles. They facilitate excellent storage and transport. When these bikes are folded, you can carry them easily into your apartment, house, and other buildings and on public transportation. You can also mix up your commute by traveling to the train station in your car and switching to your folding bike commute. Full size folding bikes can also be stored easily in boats, on a plane and in the trunk of your car.

Different Mechanisms

On all folding bicycles, mechanisms will vary, with each bike offering a distinctive blend of speed, ease, weight, ride, compression, cost and sturdiness. Many of the full size folding bikes are distinguished by their individual complexities in their folding method; some offering different structural necessities, more parts, and possibly more market appeal. Your model selection should be based on more than just cost. In other words, it may be a matter of practicalities such as fast folding, size and its compactness. It is difficult to tell whether full size folding bikes are the same as regular bikes. It has an elegant, but simple folding mechanism that is almost invisible. The locking system is like a tube within a tube, separating in seconds by releasing two bolts located on the seat tube and the down tube.

Going Mainstream

Many people are becoming more interested in finding ways to save on transportation cost. This includes finding how to stop paying those high gas prices, increased parking fees and saving the planet. For this reason, full size folding bikes have graduated from being novelty items, but more mainstream. In fact, at the airport, you can now check in these bikes as personal luggage when going on your business trip. If you commute on a bus or train, you will find them very handy too. They offer high performance than other bikes that cannot be folded.

False Impressions

There are so many false impressions about full size folding bikes. Many people might be concerned that the smaller wheel size will someway render a slower ride. Some worry that these bikes won’t be able to adequately climb over a hill while others think that they won’t be as durable as conventional bikes. These things are not true. Folding bikes are specifically designed to conquer these challenges.


Downtube is a bicycle company that has a full line of expertly designed full size folding bikes. They are trendy, stylish and feature contemporary elements, folding small enough to be placed in the back of a closet or trunk of a vehicle. The entire frame of these bikes revolve around the seat tube, successfully permitting you to pretty much, ‘break down the bike in half.’ You would first take off the front wheel. You would then break down the frame. To do this, you would release the ‘skewer’ on the upper tube, then swing the front part of the bike around. When it is folded completely, it can fit into any sedan trunk. You can even pick it up and easily carry it around. That is brilliant, isn’t it?

Broken Down

Most of the time a bike can seem clumsy to move because of its jagged size and shape. However, when broken down like the Downtube full size folding bikes can, it becomes more manageable, elevator friendly and ideal for storage. The 8 speed model is designed so that you have little maintenance while owning it. It has an internal hub with all the gears operated from the grip of the handlebar. With a full front suspension, it cushions you against bumps in the road or rough bike paths.

Regular Bike

When you buy one of these full size folding bike, you will get the feel of a regular size bike with the convenience of riding a folding bicycle. What that means is that you will have a comfortable, yet faster and transportable ride because of its portability. The Downtube folding bike is the ideal for a rider who loves the idea of having a folding bike that operates just like a regular bike. Pretty cool, you would think, right? You definitely cannot go wrong with full size folding bikes, especially if you are searching for a cool way to avoid the heavy traffic and still get to work on time.

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