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Road Test Preparation In New York

Author: Trey McDougal
by Trey McDougal
Posted: Jul 24, 2015

Road tests are an important part of pre-licensing formalities and you can participate in this through the New York driving school you are enrolled with. Once you get your learners permit, you need to find out all the associated restrictions regarding where or when you are allowed to drive. You will need to complete the pre-licensing five-hour course, college driver or high school educational course along with adequate practice through supervised driving. Those below 18 years of age need to wait for at least six months from the day of receiving learner permit before they can schedule the road test.

About pre-licensing courses

These are standardized, DMV approved courses providing you all the knowledge that you require while out on the road. For many this is the first formal training they undergo. Some of the most important topics covered under this are as follows:

  • Driving within the system of highway transportation
  • Risk-taking, attitudes, and feelings
  • Driver skills, habits
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

Enroll yourself in any reputed and licensed driving school in NY to undertake this course. After completion, you will get MV-278 certificate and after completing college driver or high school education, you will get MV-285, certificate of Driver Education. Bring any one of these certificates with you for your road test and on the D-Day, you will need to give this certificate to your license examiner.

Validity of these certificates

From the date of issuance, pre-license certificate will remain valid for 1 year. Certificate of Driver Education however has 2-year validity. Once it expires, it becomes necessary for you to take it again for scheduling the road test. Validity is required for booking the road test but this does not apply on the day you will take the test itself. People having a valid driving NYS license do not need to show their certificate if they want to change from one license class to other.

Supervised practice for road tests

Those below the age of 18 have to undergo 50 hours supervised practice before they become eligible for the road test. This should include 15 hours driving at nighttime and 10 hours on roads having moderate-heavy traffic. Also when taking the road you need to bring their MV-262 Supervised Driving Certificate with guardian or parents certifying that you have indeed completed the supervised practice. DMV recommend this type and amount of practice for drivers of all ages and experience besides stressing the need for drivers education lessons or professional driving course.

Practice prior to the road test

Before you go for the road test make sure to practice the various aspects of driving such as:

  • Control of the steering
  • Moderate and smooth acceleration
  • Gently stopping the vehicle with brakes
  • Correct use of gears or clutch
  • Obeying the speed limits
  • Adequate following distance

and more

Do not compromise with your chances of getting the license. Enroll with the best driving school in Rockland and in other parts of New York City by visiting the website

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Author: Trey McDougal

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