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A Comprehensive Read on Enhanced turquoise Stones

Author: Johny Dean
by Johny Dean
Posted: Jul 26, 2015

One of the most treasured gemstones at this time, turquoise has secured a popular place all through the centuries of history. Always finding a frontal position in fashion, this stone is in other words, timeless. Enhanced turquoise is a recently introduced version of the stone that has earned a lot of attention and interest. With turquoise jewellery once again back in the trend, the stone has shot back in demand. With that, grading turquoise services have also come up to testify the quality of the stones.

What is Enhanced Turquoise?

Enhanced turquoise is the gemstone in its natural form that has been chemically treated to enrich the colour scale. The stone is at first stabilized by hardening the natural mineral content with the application of epoxy materials, or acrylic.

The material gets deposited in the pores of the stones causing the colour to be secured inside and preserved for long, regardless of what they are exposed to. Since the stone in its natural form tends to lose its colour to natural oils, detergents, photo exposures, perspirations and regular types, the enhanced kind presents itself as a better replacement.

The Procedure of Colour Enhancement

However, in order to enrich the colour of the stone, dye is mixed with the epoxy material. The substance used to enhance the colour of the stone is chalky, smooth and pale blue in colour. When high quality turquoise stones are made to undergo this process, the outcome is exceptionally beautiful.

The colour cannot be scratched out of the stone with a sharp-edged spatula if the stone used is of good quality. However, what makes this a greater deal is that fact that enhanced turquoise comes for a lesser price as compared to fully natural ones. Even though the treatment is done on natural ones, the price is either equal or lesser, but never more.

The Quality and Grade

Turquoises that are enhanced are mostly medium-grade stones. Vaporized quartz is used to penetrate the stones and harden them for better stabilization. This is why stones that are fairly hard are chosen for this treatment. Otherwise, they may crack under the pressure. Low-grade turquoises are strictly avoided for enhancement. The chalk turquoises are way too chalky and brittle. What makes these stones simply unique is that they cannot be detected through normal testing processes. It goes without saying that the difference is unperceivable to naked eyes.

Whether dyed or stabilized, enhance stones make the best products for stone jewelleries. The manufacturers prefer to use the improved ones passed by the grading turquoise authorities to engraft the pieces with something that will last long and retain the lustre through years of regular use. The stones set against silver jewellery frameworks look indisputably stunning. They can be worn in any occasion with all sorts of dresses.

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