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Author: Chris Gayle
by Chris Gayle
Posted: Jul 30, 2015

In today’s modern world the old mainframe computers have shrunk into our palm in the form of smart phones and tablets, that too more powerful than ever. Every day we come across new apps in our smart phones that make our lives easier. Mobile order book app is not just an ordinary mobile sales tool but it is much more. It is a robust app, which freely enables you to do business on the move. One either can scan the product or can search by using the search tool. Mobile order book app can automatically check the latest prices and its availability. Every day sales can be easily tracked down and even previous orders can be pulled back.

Mobile order book has been designed for various fields like fashion, jewellery, accessories, hospitality, travel and trading industry. These are frequently used for trade shows, showroom, QSRs, travel bookings, field sales and many more areas. However, these are used extensively for fashion industry. The whole technology has been digitized and optimized.

Some overwhelming features of mobile order book app are:

Product Information

Mobile order book has all the details of the product, reviews and videos. Better visuality can be experienced with the feature to zoom and with a high resolution.

Customer Information

Complete details about the customer, contact information, previous order in a comprehensive manner. Addition of new customers can be done.

Great Savings

By combining real samples with the digital samples, great savings can be done. This facilitates the customer with more option and hence resulting in more sales.

Editing Orders

Orders can be edited at any stage prior to sending. In fact, there is an option to edit and track previous orders. Order can be sent to the host, as an individual order or appended to a master order file. One can either have a record of analog sales process in wholesale


In some mobile order book apps, data is available offline too. There is a facility for automatic updation and synchronization as soon as it receives internet connection. Order can be picked via GPRS or Wi Fi with the customer standing by your side.

Efficient Sales

This app has been specifically designed keeping in mind the convenience and time. Hundred percent savings can be done by reducing sample collection activity. Access to products, prices, sales and other details can be seen conveniently.

The innovative B2B order solution for the textile industry. View the collections in HD quality with zoom and 360° technology on the iPad. Take advantage of the enthusiasm and handle orders directly: choose articles from different categories and put together your selection, e.g. according to color in a virtual showroom. For more information about Order Book App Visit Here

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