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The History Behind The Use Of Colon Cleanse Products

Author: Webmaster Jacky
by Webmaster Jacky
Posted: Aug 04, 2015

The use of the Best Colon Cleanse Product did not start now but it dates back to ancient Greece. In the U.S., cleaning of a colon became popular in the 1920s to 1930s. However, when the theory that was behind it was not proven, it lost favor. There are many Colon Cleanse Products that people use like colon irrigation, teas, and digestive enzymes. The colon cleansing can be done in two different ways. The easiest method is to buy the best colon cleanse products or you may see a practitioner for your colon irrigation.

Colon cleansing products include different ingredients

Some colon cleansing products may be found in liquid or powered supplements. They are taken by mouth or through the rectum. Whatever way you use, the reason behind using such products is to let the colon expel all its content. The products can be bought easily from the health food stores, pharmacies, supermarkets or internet.

The colon cleanse products may include magnesium, enzymes, herbal teas, laxatives (both non stimulant and stimulant), and enemas.

Colon cleansing through irrigation

The machine to do the Colon Cleanse was developed around 100 years ago. The colon hydro therapists and hygienists do the colon irrigation. The colon irrigation does work like the enema but it requires more water and it does not lead to discomfort or odor. You will have to lie on the table and a low pressure pump with gravity based reservoir can flush out many gallons of the water in the colon by the use of the small tube which is inserted in the rectum.

When the water has filled the colon, a therapist massages the abdomen and the water is released as a regular bowel movement. This colon cleansing method will flush the waste and the fluids out. The therapist repeats the same process while the entire session can last up to an hour.

The practitioner can combine different levels of temperature or water pressure or he may combine the water together with probiotics, coffee, herbs or enzymes. The probiotics are the supplements that contain the beneficial bacteria.

The reasons behind colon cleansing

Many people may choose to use a healthy detox cleanse such as Puristat’s Total Body Cleanse when they have low energy, weight gain, headaches or fatigue. The reason behind the cleansing is to try to clear the colon of toxic waste which is stagnant in the colon. When they do this, they believe that they are able to improve the vitality of the digestive care system. Other expected goals are reducing risks of suffering colon cancer, weight loss, improving the immune system and improving mental outlook.

The use of the most effective cleanse such as the Puristat Total Body Cleanse has helped improve problems like bowel leakage, fecal incontinence, ostomy, drug withdrawal, spasm in the colonoscopy, and even during or before bowel surgeries.

Before you use any cleansing product, you have to keep in mind that natural does not translate in safety; even if you are told that the products are natural you have to make sure that they are also safe. The colon cleansing products safety is not guaranteed since there is no regulation about the safety, purity and potency. Look for products that contain proven ingredients. Puristat products feature clinically tested ingredients with a history of safe and effective relief.

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