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Amazing Vein Treatment Outcomes from Manhattan Vein Specialists

Author: Nick Johnson
by Nick Johnson
Posted: Aug 05, 2015

There are many symptoms of vein disease, which range from tiny spider veins to rope-sized varicose veins to blood clots. Without Manhattan vein treatment, these symptoms can escalate and result in disability and even death. With proper treatment, the symptoms can be effectively managed or even eliminated completely.

But if we are trying to establish what cutting-edge, state-of-the-art vein treatment in NYC really is, it's about more than the alleviation of symptoms. Yes, achieving a "positive outcome" for someone suffering from vein disease includes getting rid of the overt symptoms of the disease, but it's also about providing an experience during the treatment process that is supportive and makes you feel like a person, and it's about achieving a final outcome after treatment that improves the person's overall quality of life – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Stories of "amazing outcomes" from NYCVA vein treatments start with patients' "My symptoms went away" stories

These types of stories are the easiest to find when trying to document our NYC vein treatment center’s history of amazing outcomes that came about as the result of vein treatments. In the simplest and most common such stories, we see patients every week who originally came to us because they were concerned about the appearance of their legs. They were tired of starting every day by looking in the mirror and then reaching for the long pants and dark stockings they used to hide their varicose veins. They had also grown tired of making excuses to avoid going to the beach or playing sports because – again – they were ashamed of how their legs looked.

After these patients had been treated using sclerotherapy or radiofrequency ablation or ambulatory phlebectomy, their spider veins and varicose veins went away, permanently, and in a short time their legs regained their youthful appearance. For these people this was a remarkably positive outcome. If you want to see some examples of this type of positive outcome, look at the "Before and After Gallery" on our website at

For other patients, whose symptoms were worse, their "positive outcome" was more dramatic, such as "I can actually walk without a cane again"

The first group of patients we spoke of above had early symptoms of vein disease, and thus were primarily concerned with how to get rid of their ugly, swollen veins. But other patients come to us after months or even years of trying to "live with" their vein disease without treatment, and so they have much worse symptoms. It is common in these patients, for example, that the underlying vein disease has caused their legs to become so painfully swollen that they can no longer walk or stand easily. When these patients' veins are treated, the outcome is much more dramatic. Try to imagine what it must feel like – for someone who hasn't been able to do this for years – to be able to walk your kids to school again, to play sports, or just to be able to walk without a cane.

Some treatment outcomes are even more dramatic, such as those we have been able to achieve for patients in whom we found signs of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. We explained to these patients that their condition may not have any overt symptoms, but because their blood clots could travel to their lungs or brain, DVT really made them a "walking time bomb," subject to a pulmonary embolism or a stroke at any time. After our Manhattan vein specialists removed the blood clots using endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), many of these patients felt as if we had saved their lives, and in some cases we really did. That's a "good outcome."

One of the most positive outcomes is being treated like a human being while you're receiving treatment

At New York Cardiovascular Associates, we take a very personal approach with our patients, and the result is that we often hear feedback such as, "When you come to NYCVA, you're really treated as a human being, and you get the feeling that these people really care about you," or "It's wonderful, when you have a problem, to be able to call up someone and talk to them." Another patient report we heard the other day that touched us and made us feel like we're actually doing a good job was when one gentleman said, "Our relationship is no longer doctor-to-patient. I feel that we've become friends."

That's how we feel, too. If you are looking for similarly positive vein treatment outcomes, give us a call at 646-233-1838 and let us help you to achieve them.

Author Bio: Manhattan vein specialists and Sleep Center Manhattan talk about amazing outcomes from their vein treatments.
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