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Spirit Guardian: First 3D Real-Time Action RPG On Mobile

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Aug 07, 2015

"As the shadows gather, your fight is just beginning…" – says the famous tagline of Spirit Guardian – Vanguard Rush. This first-ever real-time RPG in 3D was created by Youzu Games Hongkong Unlimited Spirit Guardian mobile game both for mobile devices.

The gameplay narrates about the invasion of the Lord of Discord to our world. Together with his evil cronies, they began a war in an era long ago, which destroyed the land. Standing against the invaders are the Spirits whose role is to protect the world. This led to huge war between the Spirits and the legion of Chaos which lasted for a couple of decades. It only ended when the Spirits were able to imprison the Lord of Discord inside an eternal dream.

Soon after, there was peace and the tragedy was forgotten. But not for long, something went wrong on the frontiers when suddenly a sinister evil stirred the chaotic power of the sealed Lord. He broke lose his rage unto the world and eliminated the Spirits before they could fight against him. The Lord of Discord separated the Spirits from each other and bounded them in their own dreams. But before all hope would shatter, you will be beckoned as the world’s champion who will set the mighty Spirits free from the Eternal Dream and save the world.

Indeed, you can only fulfill your destiny as the world’s last beacon of light after downloading the action packed Spirit Guardian mobile game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can get it free from the App Store and start playing your own game in no time. When you start with the gameplay, you will start by making and organizing your own team of heroes that will defend the world against the evil raiders.

You can look forward to getting the following cool and fun features:

  • Quick real-time role-play game in 3D that features wonderful animations and visuals
  • 70 plus unique heroes to assemble and customize
  • 300 plus distinct skills to use in unleashing killer combos against the invaders
  • Interesting storyline that attracts your attention from the start
  • Hero Karma system and Elemental Affinity as limitless strategy
  • Numerous multiplayer modes that enables you to play online with friends
  • Local and large cross-serve PvP Arena where you can demonstrate your dominance
  • Endless tasks from daily events to regular content updates.
  • Power of virtues

Virtues granted benefits that can be used by the guardians whenever they need it. This ability which can also be extended to protect nearby allies, allows the guardian to become an outstanding fighter who can support the assault they lead and party’s flanks that need defense.

  • Burning opponents with Justice

This is a fire that sets the enemies of the guardians in flames. It can surely raze your opponents down in every fifth attack.

  • The Virtue of Courage

Breaking free from mighty blows is easy with Courage. Guardians can activate this virtue in every 40 seconds which allow them to get Aegis that prevent an impending battle.

  • The Use of Resolve

Guardians can passively recover from dangerous situation and save their lives through resolve.

  • Special Skills

Guardians can use numerous special skills during the battle.

  • Weapons for fighting

Spirit weapons can be summoned to help guardians fight within a limited period of time. It can be used to knock down a raider before it vanishes just like the Hammer of Wisdom.

If you are looking for a game that is customized to offer you best gaming experience ever, then you have no other choice, other than the Spirit Guardian mobile game. And, if you are wondering what is the best side ever to give you this experience since they are many online, Welcome to the Spirit Guardian official site, just click here.

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