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Reasons to Get Services from Podiatry Singapore Professionals

Author: Jjohny Smi
by Jjohny Smi
Posted: Oct 26, 2013

As the name implies, a podiatrist is related to the treatment of everything related to feet as well as the lower limbs. While the profession of podiatrist is new and young, it has a growing demand in Singapore and this is the reason why various podiatry boards have been set up and so much importance is being given to it. Podiatry Singapore professionals are experts in their field and work in the field of diagnosing and treating different problems related to the feet. But not many people know when they require treatment from a podiatrist rather than a general physician.

A special doctor for the feet’ is something unheard of to most people. So here we have listed the ten most common reasons to get the services of Podiatry Singapore professionals have a look:

  1. Athlete’s Foot: This is caused by wearing tight shoes or after contracting it bare feet from fungal infections after which you will be facing problems like scaling, blisters, itchiness and discomfort. This commonly affects the toes and bottom foot and seeing a podiatrist will ensure a sound and fast treatment.
  2. Fungal Nail: In case you are suffering from this problem, you will be experiencing discolored and chipped nails that will look very thick and uneven. You will also experience pain. Although this problem is very common, not many people think it wise to consult a doctor. However, a podiatrist will give the requisite medications, creams and other things required and will ensure that the pain subsidizes permanently.
  3. Plantar Warts: Even though warts are not harmful, they are ugly in appearance and induce pain. They are caused by virus and often look like corns. Warts are more common among children than adults and immediate podiatric treatment is required. A podiatrist will prescribe medicines and if everything fails, he will carry on a laser surgery.
  4. Corns: These are one of the most common foot infections and are caused by pressure or friction of the skin. These are extremely painful and need to be removed using lesion padding techniques, trimming or surgery by the podiatrist.
  5. Hammer Toe: Caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes, this problem can even be hereditary. A hammer Toe can occur on the top of the feet or near the toes and looks like a bone. It is extremely painful and difficult to evade using home remedies. Hence it is advisable to visit Podiatry Singapore professionals who can recommend orthotics, medicines and surgery based on the condition
  6. Neuroma: A very painful condition in which a nerve tissue grows between two toes, Neuroma is characterized by swelling, numbness, tingling, redness and inflammation. It is best to visit a podiatrist to get rid of the problem.

Foot problem is something experienced by both children and adults and special emphasis should be given to its treatment. One must understand that Podiatry Singapore professionals are health professions like any other medical experts and are registered and licensed members of various Singapore Podiatry Boards. Hence you can be rest assured that your feet are in safe hands.

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Johny Smith is the author of this article on Physiotherapy Singapore. Johny Smith is the author of this article on Podiatry Singapore.

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