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What to buy from the second hand clothes shop

Author: John Corner
by John Corner
Posted: Aug 11, 2015

There is a term used in Dubai for places where people can buy second hand clothes; a thrift store. A thrift shop or store is a charity store, where people can give their old clothes, which they no longer wear, but is not in a very bad condition, and then these clothes are sold to others, usually at a much lesser price and the proceeds are used for charitable purposes.

The concept of second hand clothes is becoming very popular here, and there are many places, both online and retail, where people can buy second hand clothes in Dubai, which have a huge difference in their prices in comparison to the brand new ones.

Now, a lot of people are of the opinion that buying second hand clothes is just a waste of money since the conditions of the clothes may not be very good, and therefore it could get ruined very easily. But here is where they are wrong since a lot of these clothes that are being sold are relatively in very good condition. So, here are some of the types of second hand clothes, which are available in Dubai that one could buy.

Jackets and blazers: This has always found that in thrift stores, there are some really good jackets and blazers that are in fairly good condition, and that are being sold at a very reasonable rate. There are some thrift shops where you get some very funky designs on your jackets, and it is entirely up to you if you can pull it off.

Jeans and other denims: The starting price of a good, branded pair of jeans is from 200 AED, whereas if you buy it from a thrift store, you can get it from prices as low as 50 AED. The quality of these jeans is equally good and you can always find a size that matches yours.

Dresses: Dresses have always been an expensive piece of clothing for women, but one can never have too many dresses, but they can surely have a debit card limit. Buying dresses from these second hand clothing shops are more economical and you never really have to face the dilemma of choosing any one dress out of the lot because you can afford all of them and maybe something more as well.

Shirts: Shirts are a staple wardrobe item for men, and something that is worn everyday to work. Having a good collection of shirts in one’s closet is a good thing and since you can buy some really good quality shirts from thrift stores, you can actually have a closet where you have multiple choices for shirts.

So, there you go with a little shopping guide, if you were unsure that what sort of things could be bought from a second hand clothes shop. Well, no matter the clothes can be the second hand clothes in Dubai, but they are fairly in good quality, washed and dry cleaned to assure the quality. Therefore, choosing them can be reasonable and best if you do from renowned thrift stores.

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