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Outdoor Stairlifts make the Outdoors Easily Accessible

Author: Jai Gaitonde
by Jai Gaitonde
Posted: Aug 12, 2015

Most often, people with mobility issues and the elderly face serious limitations when it comes to accessing all parts of their home. Going outdoors can be a major problem if it means using an outdoor staircase as this would involve the risk of slips and falls. Outdoor stairlifts provide the solution by providing safe and easy access from the front door to the sidewalk or from the cabin door to the boat house. Residential outdoor stair chair lifts resolve the challenges posed by garden steps, sun decks, porches or basement steps and allow the user to access the outdoors independently. Even though outdoor stairlifts are integrated with many features of indoor lifts, they are specifically designed for outdoor use. They are built of durable material to ensure that they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Residential Outdoor Stairlifts – Popular Models

Leading manufacturers offer innovative models of outdoor stair lifts equipped with advanced features and specifications. These outdoor devices are rust-free and have a wide range of safety features such as safety belts, padded arm rests, safety brake system, emergency stop button, swivel seats, and more. Obstruction sensors instantly stop operation of the lift if any obstruction is detected on its path. In addition, the seat, footrest and armrest are completely foldable so that normal stair traffic is not interrupted. The following are some top models of outdoor lifts for stairs:

>> Bruno Electra-Ride II – Featuring a 350 lb weight capacity, this model is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily installed on either side of straight staircase. Its powerful rack and pinion drive system ensures an ultra-smooth ride. This lift also features a locking swivel seat and adjustable seat height for easy entry and exit.

>> Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor – This system features a honeycomb rail design for greater stability. It comes with a 400 lb capacity and can be installed on either side of the stairway. A weather-resistant cover keeps the unit safe from harsh conditions even when it is not in use. Other safety features include - offset swivel seat (for easy entry and exit), footrest and carriage safety sensors, retractable seat belt and self-locking worm gear.

>> Bruno Electra-Ride III – This model can be easily installed on either inside or outside of most staircases. Its simple rail design hides the mechanical components. This stair chair lift is powered by two 12 volt batteries to ensure uninterrupted movement over the stairs even during a power failure.

>> Savaria B.07 Straight Stair Chair – The B.07 comes with AC or battery power and can be set up both indoors and outdoors in residential or commercial buildings. It features a swivel seat and footrest that can be easily folded up to allow more space on the stairway. Featuring a total load capacity of 300 lbs, it can travel to a height of 32 ft at a maximum speed of 18 fpm.

>> Acorn Superglide – This fully weatherproof model can be easily operated even by people with limited dexterity. It fits directly to the stairs and not the wall and the slimline fold-away design allows other users easy access to the stairs. Key features include - padded seat and backrest, seat and footrest, diagnostic digital display, safety belt (for added security) and remote controls and folding arms.

>> Harmar SL350OD Outdoor – Designed for long-term outdoor use, the SL350OD is built with a durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating so that it can handle extreme weather conditions. Featuring a total weight capacity of 350lbs, the device can be easily installed on either side of the staircase (not the wall).

>> Harmar CSL500 Helix Curved – Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this lift comes with a rated load capacity of 350 lbs. It mounts inside or outside stairs and fits virtually any staircase. The manual swivel and full flip-back arms enable easy and safe entry and exit.

Purchase from a Reliable Dealer

It is important to purchase your outdoor stairlift from a reliable dealer of accessibility equipment. An established dealer will help you choose a model that can meet your specific needs. They would also provide timely and efficient post-sales support including installation, inspection, maintenance and repair.

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