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Attorney hiring process: Questions to ask while interviewing

Author: Martin Luther
by Martin Luther
Posted: Aug 12, 2015

Appointing a good business lawyer for a reputable business organization is extremely critical. But the need for professionals like accountants and lawyers are crucial and a must-have for all companies.

The reasons behind hiring business lawyers may not be always evident from an early stage of the business establishment, but a good attorney can provide assistance on crucial aspects of your business at all times. Advices on basic zoning agreements, copyrights, trademarks, official business incorporation, lawsuits and liabilities are generally given by them. So the selection process of the person who would provide you with all these intricate advices should also be strict and investigated.

Below are some of the questions that can be asked of you while interviewing an attorney for hiring him or her for your company.

  1. Ask about the experience of the professional. Knowing about the old practices are big way advantageous as this would make you understand the skills of the lawyer. Also ask him about experiences related to handling incorporation.
  2. Inquire about their existing clients in the same genre of your industry. This is because you would need someone who will be familiar with your business and related legal environment. Be sure to know that whether the candidate is willing to learn the ins and outs of your industry. He or she must also be loyal according to the legal code of ethics. This would require the lawyer to keep all information shared about the company fully confidential. As the leakage of such information to any of your competitors can be very risky.
  3. Know if the lawyer is well-connected with legal people from various fields. You must also inquire oh how apt is he or she in diagnosis of all problems related to your type of business. Some specialized need of your business would also need attorneys who are familiar with that field or at least have a working relationship with someone who has.
  4. Find out that the lawyer you are hiring is a good teacher or not. As he or she would need to take out time for educating all legal environments and proceedings of the business to you and your employees. He or she must also explain the different business laws and their effects on the working of your company to enable you to spot issues and problems in advance.

5. Another most important factor that you need to clarify right in the beginning is the flexibility of the business lawyer in Sudan. Currently there is a huge rise in the number of lawyers practicing in many rural and urban areas. This situation has made them negotiate highly about their fees. So the market is all yours to bargain for the best attorney for your business.

Martin luther has performed a series of interview with many lawyers and legal consultants. According to him searching for a good business lawyer in Sudan is actually a critical task. But proper questioning and probing can get you exactly the attorney you are looking for.

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