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Benefits of Getting a Powerful Internet Connection in London

Are you trying to enhance the functional efficiency of your workspace or office so that your employees deliver the best performance at all times? Then it is essential that you get in touch with a...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Feb 19, 2021
Don’T Believe Everything You Read About 5G

Every now and then when discussing Luminet’s wireless internet offering, people confuse it with mobile internet and specifically 5G. This is usually an easy conversation to have but it can get...

Articles > Technology & Science > Communication May 25, 2020
Essentialness of Consulting with a Reliable Broadband Connection Provider in London

Are you a person who needs to work from home on a regular basis? Then it is of paramount importance that you get a fast broadband internet connection that can help you to get all work done as quickly...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Oct 23, 2020
Four Criteria on the Basis of Which You Can Decide Which Internet Connection You Want to Buy

Confused about deciding whether you should get the microwave internet connection or broadband internet connection or leased line internet connection? Well, if yes, then you need to understand that...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet May 23, 2021
Get a High Speed Broadband Internet Connection for Your London Business

When you are setting up your own office workspace in some part of London, there are a number of things that you need to think about. These include getting the phone lines and electric supply, the...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Jan 18, 2021
Get High Speed Internet to Manage Your Business Operations Smoothly

Business enterprises today face a lot more challenges than our predecessors when it comes to running a business smoothly and keeping it profitable. While technology has surely opened up a lot of doors...

Articles > Technology & Science > Cable & Satellite TV Sep 29, 2020
High Quality Internet Service is Crucial for Your Business Success

Business houses these days perform transactions with customers and other companies through online means all the time. For this reason, it is necessary to have a stable and fast internet service that...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Oct 17, 2020
How Do Wireless Connection Solutions Benefit Smes?

Often when people hear about wireless internet connections or wireless internet providers they think simply of WiFi or mobile internet but the type of wireless internet connection Luminet provides in...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Jan 24, 2020
London Internet Service Companies Offer the Best Connections for Business Houses

As a business owner in London, it is necessary that you must have the finest quality internet connection that can help you to manage all of your work without any break or downtime. With modern...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Dec 14, 2020
Microwave Internet Service – How Does It Work?

Microwave Internet Connection is a fiber connection connected to the national fiber network or the internet at the point of presence (PoP). These connections, in return, are interfaced with the radio...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Jul 17, 2021
Take Fibre Optic Broadband Service by Knowing the Answers of Below Mentioned Questions

Fibre Optic Broadband connection is getting popular day by day. Not only at workplaces but even at the residential buildings also, people have started getting this internet connection. It has...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Jun 07, 2021
Things That You Should Check when Taking an Internet Connection for Your Business

Be it the workplace, your home, cafeteria, or any other such place, one requires an active internet connection everywhere. Especially, when it is about your work, no one wants the delay. That is why...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Apr 17, 2021
Why Get a Robust Internet Connection for Managing Your Office Work

High speed internet services are considered to be extremely important these days when you are thinking of managing your business goals in the best possible manner. By getting a business leased line...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Nov 20, 2020
Why to Choose Leased Line Connection over Other Internet Connections for Workplaces?

Over time the internet has become an essential service that we require in our day to day life. Be it your home or your workplace, you will require an active internet connection for doing several...

Articles > Communications > Broadband Internet Mar 06, 2021
Why “Gigabit Internet” is About More Than Just Speed?

When measuring how good their internet is most people will generally look at their download speed but while this may be applicable to most homes this exercise simply isn’t a good enough measure for...

Articles > Technology & Science > Communication Feb 28, 2020
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Luminet was founded in 2005 and was one of the first to offer commercial wireless broadband solutions to businesses and has grown its client base in London to more than 750 businesses.