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Digital Teacher

Member since: Feb 18, 2020
Published articles: 10

Code & Pixels: Transforming Learning Through Technology

Established in 2012, Code & Pixels Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (C&P) is ranked in the top 3 e-learning companies in Hyderabad, India. It provides end-to-end e-learning solutions specializing in...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Mar 08, 2020
Digital Classroom Software: a Revolutionary Change in the Field of Education

In today’s time, the education field does tremendous revolution worldwide with compared to other fields. Digital Classroom Software is the best tool to make the scenario of the Computer Based...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Dec 05, 2020
How to Choose Which Learning App is Best for Ncert Syllabus?

Every day, there are tonnes of apps coming up for education. Apps like Ted ed, Skill share and coursera are gaining a lot of demand for their attractive and effective courses. But when it comes to...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 08, 2020
Innovative E-Learning Solution Providers in 2019

By leveraging technology, the world is moving quickly towards adopting innovative methods in teaching. It is imperative to provide students in India with efficient means of education and transform...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Feb 21, 2020
Is It Okay to Introduce Electronic Gadgets to Nursery Kids for Rhymes?

Many a times we find young children getting addicted to the television set and often complaining about how they cannot eat without watching a cartoon program. Technology has come a long way and has...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Nov 06, 2020
Learning English is Fun

There are different courses which have become the need of today to learn and one of the main course which has become important due to increasing competition around the world is an English language...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Mar 12, 2021
Need Ncert Solutions for 10Th Class?

Hi! Are you a 10th grader looking for your NCERT solutions? If yes, then let us help you!We, at Digital Teacher believe that there is no gain without pain, and we would love to teach you from the...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 18, 2020
Online Learning – Boon or Bane | Digital Teacher

Over the years there has a been a lot of debate whether or not to consider online learning as a boon or not. But with the pandemic taking over the world, Online learning and demand for learning apps...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 31, 2020
Why Learning Apps Have Become Saviours for Students

With the corona virus taking over the world it can aptly be said that learning apps havebecome saviours for students.It has been more than 6 months since the lock down started and even though most...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 17, 2020
Why Students Go for Guides? Do Guides Really Guide?

So many students in high school rely on guides for their cognitive needs and to prepare for their board exams. But are guides really necessary? Do they really help? Read the entire article to know...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Dec 01, 2020

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