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Elise Simpson

Member since: Feb 19, 2020
Published articles: 9

Creative Easter and Valentin’s Day Event Activity Resources for Schools

Planning a community event at your school and need school event resources for teaching to help make that happen? Resources for teaching are nice-to-have for big events! Elise Simpson had taken the...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Feb 22, 2020
Early Finishers Task Cards to Engage Students Every Minute of the Day

Are you tired of fast finishers who always ask you ‘what to do next?’ Early finishers can challenge event the best and most experienced teachers. Sometimes, they also have students working in groups...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Jul 04, 2020
How Can I Make My Virtual Classroom Look Attractive?

The social distancing and ‘stay home’ directives from the government, hasn’t spared anybody. Starting from every business, sports events, to educational institutions, all are closed. This has led to...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching May 15, 2020
How Can Teachers Make Maths Interesting?

Maths is a subject to be loved, and not to be scared of. If explained well, one will be able to connect with Math in all every aspects. Become proficient at numbers is indeed a complicated process...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Apr 24, 2020
How Do You Build Your Students Confidence?

Being confident means staying poised and sensible about your own abilities. It means, you know your strengths and you are being able to streamline those strengths in the right way possible. You might...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Jun 22, 2020
Importance of Designing Meaningful Lesson Plans

The best teaching involves not just having a good lesson plan for each individual section, but also looks for ways on how to impart them expertly to the students. If you are not equipped with proper...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Jun 18, 2020
Importance of Teacher Resources for the Smart Teachers to Start Fresh in the Classroom

Are you a new teacher who approaches the new school year with a mix of excitement and trepidation? Then you should need the help of teacher resources websites! To help ease you into the year, now the...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Feb 23, 2020
Incredible Task Card Ideas for Teachers

Task cards allow the students to develop as independent learners, and they can be used in a number of ways in the classroom. The basic level task cards just have some tasks or questions printed on...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Apr 24, 2020
Teaching Resources; Why Every Smart Teachers Should Need One?

Are you a teacher who is looking for smart tips to educate students in a unique and most importantly in an effective way? Then opt purchasing teacher resources that are aligned with the Australian...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Mar 01, 2020

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The author of this article is a leading provider of education and event resources for teaching. In this article, he discusses the creative Easter and Valentine’s Day event resources for school