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Member since: Mar 16, 2020
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Top Picks for a Home Router with Parental Controls for 2020

Gen Z kids are born in the internet era. They can browse, chat, and watch videos with just a few taps. While the internet offers a vast ground for learning, sometimes too much of it can turn into an...

Articles > Internet > Internet Marketing Mar 19, 2020
Understanding Packet Loss and How to Deal with It

You are trying to watch your favourite show on Netflix, while the video is buffering and playing. This is a waste of time and you end up losing interest in the show. But, what is the reason for the...

Articles > Computers > Other Nov 20, 2020
Why Choose a Wifi Mesh System over Range Extender?

With technology becoming an integral part of life, our dependency on wi-fi has increased over the years. This is the reason why every house needs a Wi-Fi. But, having a wi-fi connection is of no use...

Articles > Internet > Internet Marketing Dec 14, 2020
Why Does My WI-Fi Connection Drop? We Unveil the Reasons

Work from home is the new normal, which has increased our dependency on the home wi-fi network. And that’s not all. Besides our daily online meetings and webinars, we need the Internet for Netflixing...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Aug 10, 2020
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Mark Jepson is an IT Engineer and his recent presentation about having parental control on computer has made many parents think about having parental control router settings enabled on their computing devices.