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Donnell Dean

Member since: Jul 04, 2020
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18K Gold Ring Me’s is Made of Pure Gold

It has become a tradition that the wedding rings should be made of gold and thus you always strive to get such a ring made of pure gold. But the matter of confusion comes in front when you get the tag...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Dec 17, 2020
10K Gold Wedding Band Comes Under Your Budget

Everyone invited to the wedding ceremony wants to see the wedding band on the fingers of the bride and the groom. Since it is one of the most important things in case of a wedding ceremony, everyone...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 21, 2021
14K Gold Wedding Band Varieties for Men

Are you looking for the perfect wedding band for yourself? Do you want to look beyond the conventional 14k gold wedding band and experiment with something new? Luckily for you, wedding bands for men...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 15, 2021
14K Wedding Band Set Can Be the Best for the Couple

Wedding bands are the symbol of the bond between two hearts and souls. This is why this is the most important thing about a wedding ceremony. But many people get in a dilemma: what should a wedding...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 15, 2021
14K White Gold Mens Wedding Band - for Those Who Want to Save on Price

White gold marriage bands became common during World War II after banning the use of platinum for non-military reasons. White gold is the cheap, elegant, and versatile metal that can be used to...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Aug 08, 2020
18K Gold Ring Mens Can Be Availed in the Best Price Now!

A wedding band is a vital thing. There is hardly any couple who can avoid getting the wedding band or a wedding ring for such precious occasion. And as it is a vital occasion in your life, you will...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Sep 20, 2020
18K Gold Wedding Band Mens is Not Going to Tarnish!

Even at the local market, you can get the wedding bands. These are made from different materials. And some of them can be very costly as well. But as the wedding band is the most vital item for the...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Sep 20, 2020
18K Gold Wedding Band Me’s Will Definitely Catch the Eyes of the Guests

Gold is a very precious metal and thus most people like to make ornaments with it. From the ancient ages, gold ornaments have been considered a prestigious matter. This is the reason why people love...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Feb 21, 2021
18K Yellow Gold Rings Are Precisely Designed Jewelries!

The use of the wedding ring or wedding band is a very traditional thing. There are many cultures in this world where the use of the wedding band is must when it comes to the wedding day. At the same...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Sep 20, 2020
18K Yellow Gold Rings Make You Look Gorgeous

Ornaments are attached to human life from the early ages of human civilization. In the early days, people used to use ornaments made of stones and other materials. But as they discovered different...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Feb 21, 2021
2Mm Gold Wedding Band Comes in Different Designs!

The importance of wedding band cannot be ignored when the wedding day is there. It’s the most vital occasion in your life and you will surely like to keep everything in the best shape for sure. And...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Sep 15, 2020
3Mm Gold Wedding Band Looks Very Stunning!

A gold wedding band can make a whole lot of difference for the vital occasion like wedding. You might be thinking that you can just wear that wedding band on the wedding day. But it’s not like that...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Sep 17, 2020
4Mm Gold Wedding Band Can Make Your Wedding Day More Special!

A wedding band can be a precious gift for your partner. This type of jewelry can be gifted to your partner in order to show your love for him or her. If your wedding day is getting close and you are...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Nov 22, 2020
8Mm Gold Wedding Band Will Be a Perfect Fit for Your Finger

A wedding band is a gift of a lifetime from your better half. It becomes a sign of the memory of the best day of your life. Thus you should always try to buy such a ring for your better half that will...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Jan 21, 2021
A 2Mm Gold Wedding Band Will Symbolize Your Love

Weddings are the most memorable chapter of everyone’s life. In his ceremony the bride and the groom exchange wedding bands so that they can symbolize their love for each other. Thus wedding bands pose...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Dec 20, 2020
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