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Kojaram Choudhary

Member since: Jul 29, 2020
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5 Ways to Give Students a Makerspace Experience at Home

The pandemic hit everyone hard last year and still, it’s a big threat, it made public places and schools shut down, schools had losses in terms of students and students had losses in terms of...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Mar 13, 2021
Advantages of Digital School

Everything was excellent and pleasing; kids are doing their education regularly and nicely. Then there came a Pandemic, which hit the whole world hard everyone had an impact on their life, But the...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Sep 27, 2021
Best Ways to Discipline Children Without Hurting Them

Parents desire the best for their little ones but often find chaos when disciplining their children. It can be tough to know what approach will work best and how much is more than enough. Well, this...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Dec 02, 2021
Early Childhood Education: Why I’S Important?

Every parent desires to have the best fundamental education for their children to ensure their bright future. The stages of early childhood education are essential because children learn many skills...

Articles > Internet > Affiliate Programs Feb 21, 2022
Five Methods to Motivate Children to Learn Coding

Codes are everywhere these days. Whether it's computer software or even a smartwatch or Smartphone application, these days, nothing can happen without code. For instance, if coding becomes extinct one...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Oct 22, 2021
Five Ways to Boost the Memories of Children

Children require good memory in their academics and other things such as sports and other activities. Unfortunately, children often forget whether they have done their homework or not, prayed before...

Articles > Reference & Education > Homeschooling Aug 26, 2021
Good Food Can Be Motivation for Good Education

School, the place for basic education, children must be enrolled in school either by choice or by force that’s their reality because without the basic 12 years of education they will go nowhere and be...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Feb 27, 2021
How Can a Good Library Shape Students’ Careers?

A library is more than just a reading space for students; it’s a place where they can refresh, explore ideas; think about career, future, and life goals, or take a break. Just like classrooms, a...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jun 19, 2021
How Can Students of the Next Generation Interact with Their Parents?

The generation gap is the biggest problem in modern times, with the emergence of new technology, people can interact on social media, but they don’t connect physically which is the most important form...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Mar 27, 2021
How to Keep Students Engaged in the Classroom?

Sleeping and boredom in the classroom is very common especially among young students, the reason being the type of content written in the textbooks which is not very interesting and also the plain old...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Feb 14, 2021
Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Grades aren't just the best factor for judging the performance of children. It's more than this! Compared to the ones who've usually been academically common, students who often acquire better...

Articles > Reference & Education > K-12 Education Sep 18, 2021
Importance of Sports Facilities in School

Most schools in India ignore including sports and physical & health education, also known as P.H.E to some, in their curriculum because most Indian schools are primarily academic-centric. However...

Articles > Reference & Education > Childhood Education Jul 16, 2021
Know the Advantages of Co-Ed Education

If your child is joining the school for the first time, you must be thinking co-ed or single-gender school? Of course, the answer is co-ed, but why, you ask? Know the advantages of co-ed education and...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education May 27, 2022
Major Facilities Which Must Be Available at School for Students

Knowledge is an answer to fruitful education. You must be comfortable with your studies. It is the prior opinion that every teacher and school standards should formulate. Parents show the deepest...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Aug 01, 2020
Online Learning: Best Practices to Follow While Studying at Home

During these pandemic students are suffering a great loss in studies. There are huge contents available over the search engines which can help to utilise your study time online but for that your...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Dec 01, 2020
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