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3 Bitter Truths to Inspire You to Get Life Insurance Coverage

Many people have the misconception that they do not require life insurance. But for several, this is not the case. A simple life insurance policy can turn out to be an excellent instrument for...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jun 25, 2021
5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Life Insurance Policy

Growing old brings with it a list of milestones that everyone achieves in one way or another. Getting married, starting a family or a business are all events that help us identify and realize the...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 18, 2021
5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Increase Your Life Insurance Coverage

There is growing awareness and a change in perception regarding insurance and its ability to prepare us for the uncertainties in life. Most people buy a life insurance policy with the expectation that...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Apr 19, 2021
6 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Term Insurance Plans

Life is fleeting. We never know when or what circumstance could end up being our last. Thus it is very important to prepare for the inevitable. To ensure that the people who are dependent on us...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Sep 05, 2020
8 Tips on How to Reduce the Premium on Your Term Insurance Plan

Purchasing a term insurance plan should be one of the most essential additions when it comes to building your financial portfolio. The policy offers financial security for a relatively low cost when...

Articles > Finance > Insurance May 14, 2022
Common Health Issues Covered Under Term Insurance with a Critical Illness Rider

The ongoing global pandemic has brought a renewed focus and interest in being prepared for unforeseen and unexpected medical emergencies. This includes financial planning as well. Investing in a life...

Articles > Finance > Insurance May 23, 2021
Common Life Insurance Myths and Misconceptions Clarified

Most people find life insurance as a boring topic, as a result, it is not discussed enough by people and leaves them vulnerable to financial ruin should unforeseen events occur. This leads to people...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 25, 2021
Common Myths About Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance seems like quite a straightforward process. It ensures that you have coverage for as long as you are alive, and it guarantees premium returns, cash value generation and death...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 10, 2022
Purchasing Term Insurance Should Be the Starting Point of a Financial Plan

In many ways, a term plan is similar to the home page of one’s financial plan. Buying a term insurance plan is the starting point of any financial plan, the investment part comes later. Life insurance...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Apr 04, 2022
The Importance of Term Plans in Financial Planning

Most of us are aware of term plans and the importance of being insured, but many aren’t aware of its potential in financial planning. A term plan is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jul 30, 2021
What Happens when Term Life Insurance Expires?

Although term coverage is usually bought with the assumption that any dependents will be fully grown and financially independent by the time it expires, that is not what always happens. Normally, when...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Aug 26, 2021
What Makes Term Life Insurance a Smart Investment?

1. What is term life insurance?One of the simplest and purest forms of life insurance, term life insurance is designed with the intention to provide financial cover in the event of the untimely demise...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 06, 2022
What Should Be the Ideal Duration of a Term Plan?

Life is quite unpredictable, often at the worst possible times. To ensure that our family’s financial future is secure in our absence, it is key to have a life insurance cover. There are many...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 10, 2020
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