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Tony Giotto

Member since: Dec 02, 2020
Published articles: 5

Does Puppy Biting Signal Problems with Future Aggression?

From playing to investigating objects, all normal activities involve puppies using their mouth and sharp teeth. It’s also normal for puppies to bite, chew and mouth on people’s hands, limbs, ankles...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Dogs Mar 19, 2021
Expert Advice to Modify Your Do’s Barking Problem

Excessive barking is a big problem for dog owners. Constant barking makes neighbours file noise complaints, visitors put off, and even the homeowner feel worn down due to lack of sleep. Most of the...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Dogs May 20, 2021
Expert Tips to Calm an over-Excited Puppy

Is your puppy acting out? When pups become so excited and can’t contain their excitement, it’d be a challenging time for puppy owners. Managing an over-excited puppy is a relatively tough task. For...

Articles > Family > Pets Jan 24, 2021
Look out for These Early Signs of Aggression in Dogs

Are you pondering if your dog is aggressive? It can be frightening to be around an aggressive dog. However, it’s even scarier if your friendly pet suddenly becomes aggressive, growling, or baring its...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Dogs Dec 14, 2020
Resource Guarding – the Possessive Aggression in Dogs

Does your dog growl at you when you go to grab a chew your dog has whittled down? Does he show his teeth when you try to take a toy from him? Then your dog is exhibiting resource guarding! Resource...

Articles > Family > Pets Mar 20, 2021

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Tony Giotto, Master Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, has worked with many dogs since 2001. He studied with and worked for Master Trainer S.