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Harpreet Singh

Member since: May 21, 2021
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Australian Protection Visa: All About & How to Apply?

The Australian government provides various visa policies for overseas immigrants to work in Australia and get PR. One of such valuable visas is the Australian Protection Visa. Here's all about the...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jul 18, 2021
Australian Spouse Visa: Requirements, Rules and Procedure

If one is married to an Australian local, an Australian PR, an eligible New Zealand citizen, or a relationship for 12 months per common law. Then, they are suitable for immigrating to the country with...

Articles > Family > Other Jul 18, 2021
European Visitor Visa: All You Need to Know

European visitor visa also known as the Schengen visa is a visa for the 26 European countries known as the Schengen nations, these countries have officially terminated all passport and international...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other May 29, 2021
European Work Visa: Requirements and How to Apply?

People love to go abroad in Europe to work in its finest countries. It is because of higher living standards, a safe work environment, big cities, and a stable economy. However, they first need to get...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jul 27, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About a Partner Visa!!

Partner Visa is a kind of Visa that allows the partner/ spouse of an Australian citizen or a New Zealand citizen to come and live in Australia either temporarily or permanently, depending on the class...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jun 18, 2021
Five Steps to Apply for a Canadian Student Visa

Canada is a famous study destination for over 130,000 international students each year. However, the road to education in Canada is not that easy. One of the most critical steps of the process is...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jul 18, 2021
How to Apply for a USA Student Visa

Studying abroad is a life-changer for students as it benefits them in many ways. Overseas education is sure to change how students perceive their education and themselves. The USA is one of the top...

Articles > Reference & Education > International Studies Jun 26, 2021
Things to Consider Before Applying for an Employer Sponsored Visa

Going to Australia for work on recommendation and sponsorship by an employer(s) is a proud moment for any employee(s). An employer-sponsored visa allows employers to sponsor overseas employees for...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jun 27, 2021
Things to Know Before Studying in Canada

When we go to a new place there are few things we need to keep in our mind and especially if you are a student who is going abroad to study then there are few things which you should know as they are...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration May 24, 2021
Top 4 Liveable Cities in Australia

The top ten list of liveable cities in 2021 is here, and 4 Australian cities have cut. This article focuses on those four cities and, as a bonus, provides the reader's information about the country's...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jun 26, 2021
Top Six Reasons to Study in the UK

Students who decide to study in the UK may get an opportunity to learn at some of the highest-ranked universities worldwide; these universities have produced fine world-class researchers. Moreover...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jul 29, 2021
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